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  1. 1. World eBusiness Law Report - Crimes against children Página 1 de 1 Home I Advanced Search I Help Ms Erica A Basic Search February 02 2004 - Brazil Aoki e Farias Advogados Associac By Keyword Print Ver: I Senate passes law to criminalize online child pornography Search The Brazilian Senate has passed a law amending the Mino[s Protection Law. The new statute Advanced Search criminalizes child pornography on the Internet, and sets out harsher penalties for firearm, explosives and drug offences involving minors. Channels El Online Trading Before the amendments, the Minors Protection Law prohibited sexual images of minors from i±! Advertising/sales being shown on television, or at the cinema or theatre. The new law expands the scope of the i±! Online contracts statute by criminalizing the sexual exploitation of minors in any visual medium, including i±! Website content traditional and digital photography. It also creates an offence of putting a minor into an unsuital situation, which is not necessarily pornographic. El Child protection Unsuitable content Article 241 of the law now expressly prohibits child pornography on the Internet. It provides tha Crimes against children anyone who "produces, sells, furnishes, distributes or publishes" images of pornography or ttl Data protection explicit sex involving minors, by any means of communication, including the Internet, will be ttl Taxation subject to a prison term of between two and six years, plus a fine. This term can be increased t l±l Cybercrime between three and eight years if the offence is committed with the intent to profit. The law also widens the scope of those who may be prosecuted. l±l Cyber security ttl Financial services Erica Aoki, Aoki e Farias Advogados Associados, Sao Paulo Legal services M-commerce Online broadcasts Communications l±l Litigation Arbitration online l±l Other issues ttl Intellectual Property Information Contributors About Us Contact Details Terms & Conditions © Copyright Globe Business Publishing 2001 - 2004 Terms & Conditions ?action=login&c=4 3166&id=2609 2/2/2004