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Adv492 presentation


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Adv492 presentation

  1. 1. Online Strategy Proposal By Ki-Jung Kim
  2. 2. Company Profile  Who are we?  What is our vision?  What are our capabilities?  Where do we want to be?
  3. 3. Challenge & Objective  What is our challenge?  Lack of online presence and activity  Lack of awareness as a Fortune 500 company  What is our Objective?  Engaging communication between our brand and consumers  Increase brand’s online activity
  4. 4. Goal of The Campaign  What is our goal?  Increase brand awareness  Creating relationship with the target market through online media
  5. 5. Key Components to Online Strategy •Google AdWords •Effective Consumer Targeting •Choosing the right keyword •Create and Promote Ads •Plan evaluation of the Ads placed by the Google AdWords
  6. 6. Cont’d • SEO • Search Engine Optimization • Creating presence in an online world • Creating Key-Words • SEM • Search Engine Marketing
  7. 7. Key Drivers to the Campaign •Facebook •Increasing awareness through the use of Facebook •Inform the target •Twitter •Getting the news out •Communicating with the market •Increasing brand awareness •Engaging interaction with consumers •Inform the audience •YouTube •Free way to communicate with the consumer •Generating buzz through interesting videos consumers want to see •Entertain the audience
  8. 8. The Use of Blogging  Personal Relationship with the Market  Importance of Word-of-Mouth  Creating an online presence for the brand by having corporate identity on the web  Staying connected to the market and the trend  Increase traffic to the blog by utilizing SEO
  9. 9. Evaluating Success •Google’s Display Network •Analyze the performance of the ads made through Google AdWords •Google Analytics •Get the full insights into website traffic and effectiveness of online marketing •Utilize Twitter Analysis
  10. 10. Timeline  This campaign will be an on-going project  It should be started as soon as possible  Increase social media usage as a brand for at least 6months  Track and evaluate the success of the social media usage  Change tactics depending on the analysis