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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. PDHPEin Schools
  2. 2. PDHPE is important in schools as itimprovises quality of life andparticipation, encourages anunderstanding of oneself and others.It helps develops relevantknowledge, skills and values for ourchildren and promotes lifelonginvolvement in physical activity.
  3. 3. The main aim is to educate studentsto develop a wider perspective of healthand to teach them how to live a healthy, fulfilling andactive life and become a responsible and productiveindividuals in society. (PDHPE Syllabus, 2006).
  4. 4. Students must learn through a variety ofactive involvements to gain experience.Being active is important in the earlystages; games that are purposeful willencourage children to explore theirmovement abilities and startappreciating themselves and others.Students will develop skills, attitudes
  5. 5. PDHPE provides key messagesonvariety of topics such as:SafetyNutritionInterpersonal relationshipsSexualityGrowth and DevelopmentPersonal Identity
  6. 6. Has an important role in supporting youngpeople to manage, protect and restorehealth. It help students understand inequalityand the significance to helpcomprehensiveness and build a communitythat is supportive of everyone.
  7. 7. ReferencesBoard of studies, NSW. (2006). PersonalDevelopment, Health and Physical EducationK-6 Syllabus. Sydney: Board of Studies NSW.