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Retargeting exposed chango_2012_q1

  1. 1. Dax HammanBen PlomionQ1 2012800.385.0607sales@chango.comRetargeting Exposed:Not Another WhitepaperAbout Retargeting
  2. 2. NYC - SAN FRANCISCO - TORONTO - CHICAGO - LONDON @chango 800.385.0607 2RETARGETING EXPOSED: Q1 2012IntroductionTo most marketers, the term ‘retargeting’ means‘site retargeting’, the concept of placing display adsin front of people who have visited a website.This is a limited view: retargeting is in facta much broader series of marketing techniques, andif properly understood can be used for acquisition,prospecting and competitor conquesting, not justwinning back lost visitors.Also, when using retargeting, marketers arecommonly wasting media dollars by talking tothe wrong people for too long and with the wrongquickly by following a series of basic guidelines.Dax HammanBen PlomionDax Hamman is the ChiefDax founded and led thedeveloping the concept ofBen led digital initiatives atGE @daxhamman
  3. 3. NYC - SAN FRANCISCO - TORONTO - CHICAGO - LONDON @chango 800.385.0607 3RETARGETING EXPOSED: Q1 2012Table of ContentsHow does ‘retargeting’ actually work?Not all retargeting is the sameThe dirty secrets of site retargetingThe new form of retargeting – search retargetingOnly Chango provides the solutionCommon questions addressed12345Ok, I get ‘retargeting’, buthow does it actually work?How do I turn retargeting intoa prospecting orcompetitor conquesting tool?between site retargetingand search retargeting?Is my retargeting reallyworking?my own site visitors?Does creative matter?my attribution model?
  4. 4. NYC - SAN FRANCISCO - TORONTO - CHICAGO - LONDON @chango 800.385.0607 4RETARGETING EXPOSED: Q1 2012How does retargetingactually work?The rise of the ad exchangesThe rise of the media exchanges was the real tipping point, particularly the arrivalof Real Time Bidding (RTB) – a ‘live’ auction environment where every impression isan individual transaction that looks more like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) thandisplay planning.Imagine buying a house at an auction. Each house comes up for sale one by one andthe auctioneer shares some basic details such as the address and a starting price.As the buyer it is your responsibility to know something about the properties youare interested in, including the number of bedrooms, is their a garage, did it pass astructural survey etc. and with that information you determine what value it holds toyou. And so you bid, and if you win at less than your maximum price then you knowyou have achieved a deal that works for you.The media exchanges are very much the same process. A marketer can be ‘present’in these auctions for each ad impression, and based on what information they holdabout the individual who happens to be about to see the ad impression, they candetermine how much they are prepared to talk to that person. In the case of ‘retar-geting’ that means knowing that the individual has perhaps visited your site before(site retargeting) or performed a search on Google for something that matters to you(search retargeting) and many other actions.The mechanism that ties the information and the individual together is referred to asa ‘cookie’, which is dropped on to an individual’s browser at the time of an event (asearch, a site visit etc.) and contains useful data about that individual that can beread back by the marketer at the time of the auction.As you think about traditional print buying, it is remarkable to realize just how muchhas changed in such a short period of time, and that before the very recent history ofRTB, retargeting simply was not possible in the way we use it today.Further reading:
  5. 5. NYC - SAN FRANCISCO - TORONTO - CHICAGO - LONDON @chango 800.385.0607 5RETARGETING EXPOSED: Q1 2012Not all retargetingis the sameThe term ‘retargeting’ might be the most misunderstood and misused term in digitalmarketing today.When marketers refer to ‘retargeting’ they are commonly referring to ‘site retargeting’- the ability to show display ads to an individual who has visited a site and then left,often without completing a desired action.Marketers have embraced this tool at an astonishing rate and love the results theysee from it, which often represents the highest Click Through Rates (CTRs) and thelowest Cost Per Action (CPA). But retargeting is capable of much more than targetingshopping cart abandoners.The smart marketer must now look beyond ‘site retargeting’ and understand thebigger picture, and if that happens there is an almost unlimited potential.To give a more accurate definition, ‘retargeting’ is actually the process of identifyingan individual who has done something you have defined; that could be a previoussite visit, but it could also be a search on Google, a social interaction or the viewingof some remote content.There are in fact 7 key types of retargeting that a marketer needs to understand:
  6. 6. NYC - SAN FRANCISCO - TORONTO - CHICAGO - LONDON @chango 800.385.0607 6RETARGETING EXPOSED: Q1 2012Retargeting a search event – ‘search retargeting’Search retargeting is the fastest growing form of retargeting,and has been proven to generate some of the highest returnsand highest percentages of new customers.Retargeting a site visit – ‘site retargeting’Retargeting an SEM / SEO visitorA subset of site retargeting. Each of the individuals you can potentiallytarget has other behavioral data associated with them that can be useful.One such piece of data is the search term they used prior to arriving onyour site.Retargeting from an email(4.5 – ‘email retargeting’ is in itself a different technique and involvessending an email message to the targeted individuals rather than showingthem a display ad)Retargeting from contextually relevant contentFind other companies and sites within your industry and talk to themabout having a deal by which you share the value of your site visits.audience.Retargeting from your own remote contentRetargeting from the social connection –‘social retargeting’2345671
  7. 7. NYC - SAN FRANCISCO - TORONTO - CHICAGO - LONDON @chango 800.385.0607 7RETARGETING EXPOSED: Q1 2012The dirty secretsof site retargetingHOWEVER, if site retargeting is not understood then these results can paint afalse picture of what is really happening, and mislead the marketer into makingwrong decisions.A double investmentSite retargeting is not a customer acquisition tool; it is actually an onsitethe site actually sees.Don’t retarget twiceDon’t stalk your visitors
  8. 8. NYC - SAN FRANCISCO - TORONTO - CHICAGO - LONDON @chango 800.385.0607 8RETARGETING EXPOSED: Q1 2012A marketer should start by looking at the buying cycleDon’t retarget everyoneBest practice states that ONLY relevant sections of a site should be tagged – aUnderstand ‘media reach’By utilizing these simple ideas, you can lower your investment in site retargetingwhilst maintaining the same number of conversions!
  9. 9. NYC - SAN FRANCISCO - TORONTO - CHICAGO - LONDON @chango 800.385.0607 9RETARGETING EXPOSED: Q1 2012The new formof retargeting:search retargetingHow search retargeting worksthe results typically placesearch retargeting at the top of a media plan.
  10. 10. NYC - SAN FRANCISCO - TORONTO - CHICAGO - LONDON @chango 800.385.0607 sales@chango.comRETARGETING EXPOSED: Q1 2012Not all search retargeting companies are the same…Critically, Chango collects, generatesand optimizes every piece of data and ad impression at the keyword level, allowingLet’s look at some examples:Clothes shop – CTR = vs. Clothes shopping – CTR =Shoes – CTR = vs. Shoes mens – CTR = vs. Mens shoes – CTR =Flight – CTR =vs. hotel deal =And this level of granularity leads toSearch Retargetingin action:new online channel that wouldThe campaign was set up toChango’s exclusion pixel wasimplemented.
  11. 11. NYC - SAN FRANCISCO - TORONTO - CHICAGO - LONDON @chango 800.385.0607 sales@chango.comRETARGETING EXPOSED: Q1 2012Search retargeting for branding / awarenessOnly Changoprovides the solutionChango is an extraordinary media companyUnder the hoodthey used. At that point aand if a match against aBCA
  12. 12. NYC - SAN FRANCISCO - TORONTO - CHICAGO - LONDON @chango 800.385.0607 sales@chango.comRETARGETING EXPOSED: Q1 2012as standard.additional costContact SalesHappy retargeting.
  13. 13. NYC - SAN FRANCISCO - TORONTO - CHICAGO - LONDON @chango 800.385.0607 sales@chango.comRETARGETING EXPOSED: Q1 2012Further readingMore Info