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smartBike is a prototype of an adaptive navigation system which is especially designed for e-bikes. Contextinformation like the current battery status or the drivers fitness level have an effect on the route finding. One of the key functionalities is that the system provides additional routes to the user if the bike runs out of battery. In that case, he simply gets redirected towards the closest charging station.

(c) 2012, Christoph Kieslich, Alexander Lenz, Michael Schöllhammer, Manuel Lindorfer - University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Campus Hagenberg - Department Mobile Computing

Published in: Education, Technology
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smartBike EPSIAE

  1. 1. smartBikesmartBikeAn adaptive navigation system fore-bikes Internet ServicesEPSIAE Green ICT
  2. 2. smartBikeOverview• Big Picture• Motivation• System Architecture• Server• Client• Context Framework• Sensor Technology• Future Work
  3. 3. smartBikeBig Picture• Android Navigation App for E-Bikes• Personal routing – Age – Weight – Fitnesslevel, …• Adaptive routing – Current batterylevel has an influence on the routing algorithm – Redirection over nearby charging stations
  4. 4. smartBikeMotivation• Increase cruising reach• CO2 awareness – Show the users how many CO2 they have saved – Create footprints, graphs• Motivate people to go by bicycle
  5. 5. smartBikeSystem architecture
  6. 6. smartBikesmartBikeAn adaptive navigation system fore-bikes Internet ServicesRouting Server
  7. 7. smartBikeServer• PostgreSQL-Database SOAP• ASP.NET Webservice – Communication via SOAP - XML ASP.NET Webservice NpgSQL PostgreSQL DB
  8. 8. smartBikeWhy PostgreSQL?• Open Source DBMS• PostGIS – Geospatial querys on a object-relational database – PostgreSQL-Server as a backend GIS
  9. 9. smartBikepgRouting• Open Source Routing Library• Adds routing functionalities to an exisiting PostGIS/PostgreSQL database – Calculation of shortest paths (Dijkstra, A*) – Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP)
  10. 10. smartBikeOSM-Import• Osm2po – Java-based command line tool – Produces routable SQL files – Integrated web tool
  11. 11. smartBikeRoute calculation• Client requests a new route with a list of GPS-Coordinates (lat/lon) and an unique user id• Server mapps coordinates on valid positions• Calculation of the euclidean distance between the positions• Nearest-Neighbour-Heuristic is used to find the cheapest connection of all locations• Route is stored to the database and transmitted to the user
  12. 12. smartBikesmartBikeAn adaptive navigation system fore-bikes Internet ServicesAndroid App (Client)
  13. 13. smartBikeClient• Android App• Navigation mode• Communicates with the server via SOAP• Context Framework provides sensor values (pressure, energy, heading…)• Shows nearby charging stations
  14. 14. smartBikeClient Librarys• mapsforge – Mapview – Offline Maps – OpenStreetMap Mapmaterial• kSoap – RPC for Client Server Communication
  15. 15. smartBikeFunctions• Map – Fully offline mode – Vector maps, use less space• Navigation – User types in there start / endposition – Server calculates cheapest route – Client presents the route – Shows sensorvalues from the arduino
  16. 16. smartBikeClient Design
  17. 17. smartBikesmartBikeAn adaptive navigation system fore-bikes Internet ServicesAndroid Context Framework
  18. 18. smartBikeContext Awareness• Context – is any information that can be used to characterize the situation of an entity. An entity is a person, place, or object that is considered relevant to the interaction between a user and an application, including the user and applications themselves. [Anind K. Dey and Gregory D. Abowd] – Location, Time, Movement, Volumne …• Context is calculated from sensor values
  19. 19. smartBikeAndroid Context Service• interface to offer context information to applications Application 1 … Application N Context Service Context Aggregators Hardware Sensors
  20. 20. smartBikeImplementation• Hardware Sensors – On Android device and Arduino board• Context Aggregators – Combine the output of sensors and context aggregators – Offer context informationContext Aggregators Running Driving Moving …Hardware Sensors GPS Acc Lightsensor …
  21. 21. smartBikeArchitecture• Framework GPS Acc – Context Aggregator: • Input Input – Calibration or filters • Output Moving – Context is published – New Context Aggregators can be implemented and Output used by interested applications • Combined to get better and better context information
  22. 22. smartBikeTasks• Processes the raw Arduino sensor values – Altitude changes – Distance – Velocity – Compass• Offers context information to Green Route Android Application – To adapt the route according to the new context – Show information to user
  23. 23. smartBikesmartBikeAn adaptive navigation system fore-bikes Internet ServicesSensor Technology
  24. 24. smartBikeSensor System• Aim: designing and developing a prototype of a µC-based Sensorsystem including all relevant sensors for an E-bike Navigation Application• Calculate all Sensor-Data periodically• Wireless Transmission of the data to an Android-device• Android Service as a receiver of the sensor-data• -> Possibility to save energy with an alternate calculation of the position by turning off the GPS-receiver partly
  25. 25. smartBikeArchitecture
  26. 26. smartBikeAmarino• Android meets Arduino• Toolkit (Android-Lib + Arduino-Lib) to ease the BT-Communication between Android-Devices and Arduino µC Boards• It includes a simple frame based communication protocol
  27. 27. smartBikeHW-Prototyp – Circuit Layout
  28. 28. smartBikePrototyp
  29. 29. smartBikeSummary• Adaptive navigation system for E-bikes• Trying to convince people to go by bike• Using sensors to gather context information and present it to user
  30. 30. smartBikeFuture Work• Improve Adaptive Routing – Taking personal data into account• Apply navigation functionality• Calculation of CO2 footprint• Visualization of following statistics – Calorie consumption – Altitude, elevation, speed
  31. 31. smartBikesmartBikeAn adaptive navigation system fore-bikes Internet ServicesThanks for your attention!