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Plante Moran Marketing Campaign


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Plante Moran

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Plante Moran Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Kelly Kiertzner 4/16/12Plante Moran Marketing Campaign Kelly Kiertzner
  2. 2. Company OverviewPlante Moran is nationally recognized as one of the top accountingfirms in the nation. With over 1,500 staff members in 16 offices, it isalso one of the largest financial advising firms. They strive forexcellence in financial advising as well as employee satisfaction.Plante Moran is divided into three main sectors:1. Accounting & auditing2. Tax3. ConsultingCompany Recognitions:1. No. 12 on Accounting Today’s 2012 Top 100 ranking of the largest accounting firms in the U.S.2. One of metro-Detroit’s “Most Admired Companies” by Crain’s Detroit Business3. One of the “18 Great Companies for Millennials” by HRE magazine4. One of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For
  3. 3. Goals and Challenges Goals  Providing clients with beneficial financial advice to ensure their business success  Growing client list  Conducting business using their Golden Rule “Treating clients and staff like we would like to be treated”. Seems somewhat elementary, but an admirable goal to live by nonetheless Challenges  Reaching a wider client base  Effective advertising and PR  Continuing excellence in financial advising
  4. 4. Progressive Outreach The overall theme for our campaign is Progressive Outreach. What does that mean you ask? Using social media in a way that not only markets their financial expertise, but reaches new potential clients using an aggressive yet subtle approach
  5. 5. Components Video  Our creative task force will create a video providing basic financial advice for businesses and families  There will be both a simple viewing video as well as an interactive version that directs viewers to select options specific to their financial needs and provide them with more detailed information  The videos will be detailed, yet enticing. Basic information will encourage them contact Plante Moran – the main goal  We want viewers to remember the advice first, and then where it came from and where to get more… which is why Plante Moran’s contact information and links to their social networks will be posted on the final page of the clip
  6. 6. Components Cnt’d The video will be posted on all social media markets – Facebook, Twitter, Plante Moran’s blog, Google+, Pintrest, LinkedIn, and Tumblr  Using Plante Moran’s loyal staff, they will be asked to disseminate through their networks… for free! Using a portion of the budget, the video will be posted using PPC ads and featured videos on relevant websites Additionally, a mobile version of the video will be offered for viewers using their phones Google Adwords will be executed using keywords such as “financial advising”, “business finances”, and “auditing”
  7. 7. Revamping Plante Moran’s Social Media Previous research reveals Plante Moran’s current use of social media outlets is very employee focused. Although the company shares information concerning financial advising, most of their content targets their staff. This is not a bad strategy! However, the goal of our campaign is to reach new business and potential clients. Therefore, we encourage Plante Moran to shift the focus back to their clients… Step 1: Create a list of key financial advice that would be beneficial to clients Step 2: Create a list of upcoming events that Plante Moran clients would benefit from, i.e. press conferences, speeches, seminars, fundraising events, etc. Step 3: Set a timeline for releasing the items on the above lists. Using social media, the information will be released to establish a consistent presence on the various networks Step 4. Going mobile. Plante Moran will release a mobile app for their company. Users can access all updates and current clients can stay connected with services Plante Moran is providing. Additionally, an option to subscribe to their social networks will forward instant notifications directly to mobile devices
  8. 8. Managing Success Google Adwords  We will track the success of our campaign using GoogleAdwords and alter our tactics as needed Google Analytics  Linking analytics to Plante Moran’s social media will track our site visits, specifically noting where they are coming from Spot Checks  At various times throughout the campaign, we will assess the amount of new contact made throughout the process and how they heard about Plante Moran
  9. 9. Budget Based on Plante Moran’s average annual revenue of over $103M, our projected cost of the campaign is $100K Where will the money go?  Creating the video  PPC ads, disseminating the video  Revamping social media  Mobile application