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  1. 1. teeth<br />
  2. 2. Genre & Target Audience<br />The genre for this film is friendship/ comedy. This attracts a wide range of people as the age of the characters may target older people as they can relate to them. Anyone with a close relationship with a friend would be interested and can also relate. The simple comedy is neutral so al types and ages can enjoy it. This film also has a message about how friendship can last.<br />
  3. 3. Institution <br />
  4. 4. Mise en Scene<br />Costume- their hats and baggy dark jackets represents and portrays their age. It also portrays their class, which is simple and working class (although they may be retired)<br />Props- the false teeth is the main object of the story, so it is the most important element in the film, which also gives the film a comical style. The title also reinforces the importance of it. The fishing rods are a big indication of their hobbies, explaining why they are in the middle of a lake. <br />Location- the location is isolated, and judging by the mountains, it is probably set some where in the United Kingdom such as Scotland or Ireland.<br />Lighting- the lighting is black and white which contributes to the simple and calm atmosphere. It also suggests an old time period, as films used to be in black and white.<br />
  5. 5. Sound<br />Diegetic- the sound of the fishing rods are enhanced as it grabs both the characters and audiences attention. The sound of the moving water surrounding them is enhanced to make it sound more threatening as the teeth sit so near to the edge. When we see the teeth fall into the water, the all sounds are cut out because normally, we wouldn’t hear anything under water, so this keeps it realistic.<br />Sound effects- the saliva from the fishes mouth is enhanced to give a gruesome effects on the audiences.<br />Non diegetic- the music in the background is gentle and light. Soft delicate instruments such as triangles reflects the soft ambience.<br />Dialogue – there is no dialogue from the actors, which again adds to the simplicity of the film. The only sounds that the characters make are sneezing, laughing which represents their kind of friendship.<br />
  6. 6. Editing <br />Title- the title is simple and elegant, reflecting the simple style of the film.<br />Contiuity- the continuity flows well due to simple cuts to sequencing scenes that takes the audience through the story.<br />The scene fades into darkness after he drops his teeth to show that time has passed when the audiences watches the next scene. <br />
  7. 7. Camera angles<br />High angle- this shot is taken at a high angle, as it is the point of view of the character, so we see what he see’s. This high angle emphasises the fact that it is so close to the edge, giving an indication of what might happen next and making the situation seem helpless.<br />
  8. 8. Camera movement <br />Tilt- the camera tilts down to follow the mans actions as he puts the teeth into the fishes mouth, so that the audiences is aware of what he has done.<br />There are not many camera movements as this is such a simple film, but it still manages to have a comical and enjoyable effect on the audience.<br />
  9. 9. Camera shot<br />Establishing- this shot establishes that the film is set on a quiet, serene lake, indicating that this film is simple and relaxed.<br />Long shot- this long shot allows the viewer to see that these are the two main characters and they are situated on the lake fishing.<br />Mid shot- this mid shot brings the viewer even close, to reveal their faces and clothes that tell us their age and relationship.<br />Close up- this close up, is used to show a clear view of the man about to sneeze. This action is important to show as it starts of the story. The close up at the ends shows the shocked and gob smacked expression on the mans face, this gives the end a comical twist.<br />Over shoulder shot- this shot gives a clear view of how his actions tilt the boat, so it makes sense to the viewer of how the teeth fell. Al these shots direct the viewers attention as they take them through the film bit by bit, it is very structured.<br />Under water shot- this allows the viewer to receive an underwater experience that the character does not. Their attention is following the travelling teeth so that the audience gets a better understanding of what has happened.<br />
  10. 10. Camera composition <br />Framing- the camera mostly frames that the two main characters, as they are the main focus points and it portrays their close friendship.<br />Depth of field- this scenes are always in focus for the audience to have a clear understanding of the surroundings.<br />
  11. 11. Represention<br />Appearance- the characters clothes portrays their age and lifestyle. The typical framers caps, and thick dark coats suggest they live a simple, perhaps retired life.<br />Personality- the characters laugh and play tricks on each other, this portrays their young and mischievous personalities.<br />The time period is hard to tell, due to the remote area the film is set in and the outfits the actors wear are hard to judge as elder people wear neutral clothes that have an essence of old times, but they wear these in modern times. <br />
  12. 12. Narrative Structure<br />Linea- this narrative structure is very simple and straight forward. Its starts of with and equilibrium, then the incident with the teeth causes a disequilibrium, and then a solution ends the film.<br />Ellipses- this shot does not have any text stating that time has passed, however the lighting conditions and the changed position of the characters suggests that they have been there for a long period of time.<br />