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P2P Forum 2016 Lightning Round Presentation


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Presentation with Sydney Van Horn or @EGPAF

Published in: Technology
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P2P Forum 2016 Lightning Round Presentation

  1. 1. Innovate or Stagnate How UP 4 THE FIGHT has pushed the envelope with its collegiate fundraising
  2. 2. (AKA we can’t go on doing the same thing year after year.) Flat fundraising.
  3. 3. “Finally, something that looked like it was born in 2015.”
  4. 4. QUESTION: • How could UP 4 THE FIGHT connect kids that turn over every 4 years to something they can be advocates for? • Can’t really see outside their window like other local and domestic nonprofits - what incentive could we experiment with to create that passion and drive? ANSWER: Top Fundraiser Trip! • Connect top dedicated dancer across all UP 4 THE FIGHT channels to a trip to the field to see their fundraising dollars at work. • Trip: 9 days in Tanzania, mix of educational and fun. Came to be $4.7k~ per person.
  5. 5. Our 2014-15 experiment with incentives had dramatic results, with 2 students surpassing $15K. $0 $2,000 $4,000 $6,000 $8,000 $10,000 $12,000 $14,000 $16,000 $18,000 Emma (UCLA) Matt (Berkeley) Ali (HCDM) Kelsey (UCLA) Larua (UCLA) $0 $1,214 $275 $1,500 $1,170 $1,173 $2,025 $575 $3,160 $1,203 $15,570 $15,380 $4,140 $4,000 $3,355 2012-13 (Previous Platform) 2013-14 (Previous Platform) 2014-15 (RallyBound) Top 5 Student Fundraisers
  6. 6. “Both winners went from raising a couple of thousand dollars [in 2013-14] to raising more than $15,000 [in 2014-15].”
  7. 7. 2015-16 Challenge: How do we push those hundreds of fundraisers to a higher tier? 2014-15: Great success, but vast majority of dancers raised under $400
  8. 8. Our next step: Tiered incentives, while keeping the top incentive the same as the previous year (campaigns ongoing).
  9. 9. Conclusions • If your campaigns have plateaued or are in decline, take the time to see if there are better solutions in the market to meet your evolving needs. • Using the flexibility of modern P2P fundraising systems, EXPERIMENT. • Even with immediate success, continue to evolve and experiment.
  10. 10. EGPAF @EGPAF RallyBound @rallybound Connect with Us