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Evaluation question 2 kieran

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and the ancillary text? By Kieran Lawless
  2. 2. Poster• Our poster was our main advertisement as well as our radio trailer which will help to reach a wider audience. The main thing we were trying to achieve from both of these was a professional look/sound which can reach many people of our target audience.• Our poster was also effective into showing how alike our characters are as well as the love shown towards each other as the poster shows both characters looking at each other, the lamppost in the middle gives a sense of symmetry for the film and also the poster keeps our plot in mind as you can see that if one of characters is removed, it just won’t be the same for the other character.
  3. 3. Radio Trailer• The radio just gives another aspect to our film which makes it all come together with a visual aspect of our film which already attracts the audience but the radio trailer just gives that little more information and reaches a wider audience.• We feel that the radio trailer is a really effective way in selling our product as it is low cost and easy to do. It also gives an audio insight to our film with the voice over and clips from the movie.• We did research into what goes into a radio trailer and what we found was that it normally had voice clips from the movie with a voice over to add a more dramatic effect to the trailer. We used this in our radio trailer.• The quote‘One moment can change a lifetime’also gives away an aspect to our film, but without the story being spoiled
  4. 4. What Are You Trying To Achieve In The Movie?• Our film is ‘Unforgettable’. The film is a romantic film with a hard hitting twist at the end to shock the audience and to add a new dimension to the film. We tried to create a connection with the characters so that when the twist happens you feel an emotional connection with the character. Our two pieces of ancillary text are the radio trailer and the poster we created to promote the film.• The radio trailer is the most revealing of the two ancillary texts with more of the story being revealed with the sound of the car crash half way through. The music played is the same as the last song in our film to add the emotion of the film into the trailer so the audience isn’t confused as to what type of film it is. It creates a good teaser of the film with producing enough information to intrigue the audience without revealing too much to spoil the film.• The Poster shows the most vital scene in the movie where Kieran walks forward and disappears in the middle. This is a major scene so seemed fitting for the film to be advertised using this. It also shows the romantic side of the movie, not the other twist at the end so as the radio trailer it intrigues the audience to watch the movie.
  5. 5. This is the basis of the poster without name of film and other information involved
  6. 6. How Effective Are They In Selling The Movie?• The two ancillary texts are work well at selling our film. They reveal enough about the film to make people eager to watch and find out about this movie while not spoiling or giving away the plot of the film. The radio trailer is a good way to advertise for the selling of our movie as many people will hear the trailer on the radio while driving cars and other such places where the radio is played. This will promote the movie to many listeners around the UK or wherever our movie is going to be shown. The poster is a visual way of promoting our film with them being placed outside cinemas and also in places where many movie goers socialise to attract more people to watch our movie. These are good ways to promote our film and add more of an audience to our film. The film also introduces synergy by us using the line ‘one moment, can change a lifetime’ which is a line that really sums up our film that one moment in your life can actually effect everything that happens from then on.• We could have also done other forms of ancillary text by doing a full movie trailer but as our film is only a short film it would be hard to choose a few clips to promote the movie without spoiling the movie as it was hard enough to choose a few clips for the radio trailer. The other way to promote our production will be through word of mouth as we haven’t got the experience or money to have a massive advertising campaign so word of mouth will definitely help with the promotion of the movie.
  7. 7. Comparisons To Real Advertising Products?
  8. 8. Comparison• As seen in the last slide our film follows the same traditional concept of 90% of movie posters with the typical things seen in so many posters no matter whether it’s a Comedy like 40 year old virgin or a thriller like Inception. These include the title in big bold letters at the bottom, actor names, a line from the film or a teaser towards the film and distributors along the bottom. This is a very universal thing but it gives off a very nice effect and attracts people towards the poster.
  9. 9. Comparison• The three films we look at in particularly were Inception, The Shawshank redemption and shifty.• They are a mixture of both high and low budget films, but they were all similar in certain ways.• The three films mentioned all have the main characters in the film as the main and most visual and important of the poster which shows that this is a large part of the movie as well as leaving the story of the film untold or their (character) own personal story untold.• This was a major influence in our poster as the main convention was kept with the norms of many posters kept in our poster.