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Media evaluation question 1


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Published in: Technology
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Media evaluation question 1

  1. 1.  The main aim of the narrative to our movie was to set the tone of the story for the audience to understand what the film is about and who the characters are. We also tried to make the opening entertaining with a progressive build up to the shocking moment of the innocent looking and vulnerable character of Taylor holding a knife ready to kill the Kai who is the typical confident teenager who picks on the weaker boys to enhance his own reputation
  2. 2.  The style of teen horror we chose to film had the typical victim which is ‘Taylor’ and the confident and mean ‘Kai’ which works together to form a fairly simple but an effective storyline.
  3. 3.  With a teenage audience as our demographic we decided to set the film around a typical college student’s lifestyle. This composed of filming a montage inside the college to give an insight to the college lifestyle with much of the filming shot inside classrooms. It is a popular and regular event for teenagers to have house parties so we decided that we would set the film around a party of which one of the girls ‘Lisa’ from the college is throwing a house party.