Media cw question 1


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Media cw question 1

  1. 1.  The Narrative of our film was to clearly address the template of our film through the predictable set of events found in the horror genre. Without our narrative structure it would be difficult for the audience to establish the genre of the film.
  2. 2.  We were inspired by Todrovs’ narrative theory of equilibrium – disequilibrium – resolution. The equilibrium within our film is represented through the college montage which shows the state of normality of the teenage characters lifestyles. The disequilibrium is shown when Kai is being bullied by Taylor and his friends which disrupts the calm atmosphere within the college classroom. Kai reacts to this with a plan to kill Taylor. The resolution is not shown within our opening two minutes which is what we believe the audience will want to find out by watching the rest of the film.
  3. 3.  The primary aim of the narrative to our media product was to set the framework and the tone of the story to engage with the audience to understand what the film is about and establish who the characters are. We also tried to make it entertaining by addressing a progressive build up to the utterly shocking moment of the innocent looking and vulnerable character of Taylor holding a knife ready to kill Kai.
  4. 4. This shot sums up the effect ofTaylors abuse towards Kai takinghim all the way to the edge ofdestruction and to finally seek hisrevenge and kill Taylor. This is anerve racking and genuinelyshocking moment of the film.It is often a stock setting of thehorror genre to conceal thekillers identity behind a mask.Which is shown in our film withKai wearing a scream mask.The knife represents the evil andviolent side to Kai and gives aninsight to his brutal mind.
  5. 5.  Kai and Taylor were the main characters within the film but we also needed a lot of extras to effectively create an atmosphere of the college and the teenagers preparing for the party dressing themselves in Halloween masks.
  6. 6. Kai is the loner who is normal looking anddoesn’t dress in a way similar to the rest of thecharacters. He keeps himself to himself and triesto blend into the background away from the‘popular kids’ . He is viewed as being physicallyand emotionally weak which leaves him beingthe perfect target for any bully. He doesn’t saymuch and he keeps his thoughts to himself buttheres only so much grief he can take until hesnaps.We challenged the conventions of the typicalhorror movie by addressing the weakercharacter as the murderer.
  7. 7. Taylor is the popular boy who seems to haveeverything going for him. He is alwayswearing nice clothes and looking very up todate with the latest fashion trends. He is theleader of the group of popular boys who allwant to be like him. He enjoys to make theweaker characters feel socially weak with hisconstant physical and verbal abuse which heuses to enhance his own reputation.The horror genre always includes a characterwho is the victim and Taylor turns out to bethis character.
  8. 8.  With our primary audience being teenagers, the setting of the film was within a college which represents normality and acts as a safe haven within the teenagers lives. Once the characters have left the college they are open to the wider world without the supervision of the teachers and having to obey the college rules which exposes them to many dangers. This breaking of the rules is represented by Kai when he takes a knife from his house ready to kill Taylor.
  9. 9.  We noticed from other teen horrors we had watched during our research there is usually a theme of violence and a sense of isolation created by shooting the scenes in low light levels. This sense of isolation increases the vulnerability of the characters. We developed these conventions when showing the vulnerability of Kai. He is always shown to be by himself. When Kai prepares to kill Taylor he conceals his innocence behind a mask to make himself look threatening.