Accelerated learning masterclass


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Accelerated learning masterclass

  1. 1. Accelerated Learning Masterclass The new learning revolution KiE Leadership Training and Development Ltd.
  2. 2. A movement far more thangimmicks and techniques –it’s recovering the real joy of learning it’s Sizzle with Substance!! It’s Generative learning!! It’s facilitating creation not consumption!!
  3. 3. The challengeCreating a learning environment that supports an explosion of learning Making learning fun, creative, applicable to real lifePresent information in the preferred learning style of the student
  4. 4. Theoretical underpinningThe latest neuroscience researchOur post industrial culture –innovate and create valueMultiple intelligence no longer ‘how smart are you?’ but ‘how are yousmart?’Emotional IntelligenceNLP [Neuro linguistic programming] powerful advance to personalchangeThe experience economy –EdutainmentRise of humanistic and holistic approachResearch into learning styles
  5. 5. Great learning myths That we all learn best in the same way That intelligence is fixed at birth There is only one form of intelligence It’s mainly inherited It’s the same as logical thinking That school is the main place to learn
  6. 6. Two modes of processingExplicit learningImplicit learning
  7. 7. The learningenvironment is the Global environment
  8. 8. Mind maps
  9. 9. How we learn [approximation] 10% of what we read 20% of what we hear 30% of what we see 50% of what we see and hear 70% of what we say 90% of what we say and doVernon A. Magnesen [quoted in Quantum Teaching by Bobbi DePorter ]
  10. 10.  Traditional  Brain –friendly intelligence intelligence Standard and fixed for life  Multifaceted IO as barometer  Multiple intelligence all of which can be built Labels ‘slow’ or ‘smart’  Avoids labelling Heavily biased towards  All intelligence equally maths/analytical/verbal/li valued and nurtured nguistic intelligence Zero sum –win lose game  Win win –all can succeed The mode of intelligence
  11. 11. Resources
  12. 12. Learning is natural and fun...orshould be How do you learn? You learn to talk by talking You learn to walk by walking You learn to type by typing You learn by doing
  13. 13. Effective learning Warm environment [learning atmosphere] Interactive method [enquiry, discovery] Build thinking skills [creativity] plenty of activations [play to reinforce] Apply it in practice [teach other –reinforce learning] Review and celebrate [to retain principles]
  14. 14. Finding solutions Define the problem Define and visualise the idea solution Gather the facts: specific and general Break the pattern Go outside your own field Try new combinations Use all your senses Switch off –let it simmer Sleep on it Eureka ! It pop out Recheck it
  15. 15. Work or play? I never worked a day in my life. It was all fun! Thomas Edison
  16. 16. If knowledge isthe new capitalthen innovation is the new currency
  17. 17. Turn education/learning into real life experiences and watch achievement soar
  18. 18. Why use music Music relaxes the mindMusic acts directly on the bodyMusic stimulates and awakens Music inspires emotions Music is a state changer Music is a universal language Music is a powerful anchor
  19. 19. Everyone can probably do at least one thingbetter than 10,000 other people
  20. 20. What do youpersonally intend to do this year to change the world?