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Overpopulation over the world


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over population is very serious today , i want everyone to know about it

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Overpopulation over the world

  1. 1. Overpopulation Group11: Nguyễn Thị Thư Nguyễn Thị Thu Hà
  2. 2. Overpopulation Causes of Overpopulation Effects of Overpopulation Solutions to Overpopulation
  3. 3. Decline in the Better Medical Facilities Death Rate
  4. 4. Immigration Lack of Family Plannin g overpopulation
  5. 5. Depletion of Natural Resources Effects of Overpopulation Degradation of Environment Rise in Unemploy ment
  6. 6. Solutions to overpopulation Better education Make people aware of family planning Knowledge of sex education
  7. 7. Solutions to overpopulation
  8. 8. It is no surprise that the world's population is getting bigger each day. 0:10 Approximately, 4 people are born every second whilst 1 person dies in that second. 0:17 if youdo the maths, then roughly 3 more people are added to the world's population each second. 0:22 Whilst not a problem now, but in a decade demographers estimate there will be one billion more people than there is today. 0:28 Obviously a problem, but how can we solve it? 0:34 There are three obvious ways to solve overpopulation. Just as with communication styles, we can do it passively, assertively or aggressively. 0:41 Solution number one: Relocation and Exploration 0:51 This is the passive one of the three solutions. The solution is to find other suitable places 0:57 for humans to live and relocate there, gaining more resources and space. 1:02 Advantages: We wouldn't have to change our lifestyles, and we can continue on as normal. 1:08 Disadvantages: There is no guarantee we will find another suitable home and even if we 1:15 did, if we continued on like this we would soon overpopulate the new area as well.
  9. 9. 1:23 Solution number two: Management of Birth This is the assertive one out of the three 1:29 solutions. This solution should be done in advance of the overpopulation of the world. 1:36 The solution is to manage the birth rate we have by employing birth limits like one child 1:42 per family. Advantages: The population will be in check 1:48 without relocation. Disadvantages: An unbalanced gender rate, 1:54 forced abortions and increased rates of abandoning female babies. Will also take a long time. 2:01
  10. 10. And finally solution number three: The most obvious and straight forward solution: Decimation 2:08 of the Human Population. This is the aggressive one out of the three 2:14 solutions. The solution is to select a few billion people and kill them. Whilst as violent 2:20 as it sounds, desperate times call for desperate measures. 2:26 Advantages: Instant curbing of the population. Disadvantages: Indecision on selection of 2:34 who to kill and causing fear and commotion in the public. 2:39 And so that is it. Three solutions to Overpopulation. We can either do it the passive way and relocate 2:46 and explore, the assertive way and manage our birth rates or aggressively and kill some 2:53 people. But the bigger question is, what do you support?
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