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Mobile Data Management, The Next Frontier of Enterprise Mobility


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Mobile Data Management, The Next Frontier of Enterprise Mobility

  1. 1. Jesus Rodriguez, KidoZen
  2. 2. Welcome Back!
  3. 3. About Me • • • • • • • • • • Hackerpreneur Co-Founder KidoZen, Inc Advisor to software companies(Microsoft, Oracle….) Board member Speaker, Author Investor
  4. 4. Enterprise Mobile-First PaaS KidoZen App Center Storage APIs Security APIs Messaging APIs LOB Connector Services Integration APIs HTML5 Hosted Apps Your Datacenter
  5. 5. Customers
  6. 6. Agenda • A quick story about mobile operations management • From MDM(devices) to MDM(data) • An effective model for managing and securing mobile business data • We are not going to talk about KidoZen!
  7. 7. A quick story about mobile operations management
  8. 8. It Started When People Began Using their Smartphone for Work
  9. 9. And The Obvious IT Answer Was: Let’s Manage the Device
  10. 10. Technologically Trivial….
  11. 11. And Yet So Necessary….
  12. 12. The Industry Exploded….
  13. 13. And Some Incumbents Got In the Game
  14. 14. We Are Passed The Hype….
  15. 15. Something to think about: The golden days of MDM are behind us….
  16. 16. What Happened Next?
  17. 17. Organizations Started Build Apps I want an app!
  18. 18. And Managing Devices Wasn’t Enough…
  19. 19. The Mobile App Management Space Emerged
  20. 20. And The MDM Vendors Started Getting into the Space….
  21. 21. Something to think about: MAM is becoming an extension/feature of MDM platforms…
  22. 22. What Happened Next?
  23. 23. Organizations were Ready for the Next Level of Mobile Ops Management
  24. 24. Mobile Business Data Management
  25. 25. It Makes Perfect Sense Managing Devices Managing Apps Managing Business Data
  26. 26. And Yet There Is No Solution….
  27. 27. We Can Manage Files
  28. 28. But Not Business Data
  29. 29. Why Is That?
  30. 30. Enterprise mobile solutions are just reaching the necessary maturity level to enable the management and security of business data
  31. 31. Enterprise Mobile Maturity vs. Management Granularity
  32. 32. Mobile Solutions Market Maturity Mobile Ops Management Granularity
  33. 33. Mobile connectivity to line of business systems remains a challenge for most organizations
  34. 34. Something to think about: An enterprise mobile middleware is required to enable the management and security of mobile business data
  35. 35. A simple management and access control model for your mobile business data
  36. 36. The DNA of Mobile Business Data Access Access Model • • • • • Mobile App-to-LOB real time access (in-transit) LOB-Mobile App event based access (in-transit) Mobile data cached in the cloud (at rest) Mobile business data cached in the device (at rest) Mobile business data in the app (in use) Contextual • • • • Network, Carrier Location Access Frequency Device Mobile-First Data Source • Small data sets • Secured
  37. 37. How to manage my mobile business data?
  38. 38. Mobile Business Data Management Managing Managing Managing Business Data Business Business In-Transit Data At-Rest Data In-Use
  39. 39. Managing Mobile Business Data In-Transit
  40. 40. Mobile Business Data Management = Mobile Data Sources + Context-aware-mobile-first policies
  41. 41. A Mobile Data Sources is the unit of data accessed by your enterprise mobile apps
  42. 42. A Mobile Data Management Architecture Model 1-Mobile app invokes a data access API to request Access to the corporate data source 6-The mobile app can 4- If the request is compliant with the mobile data access policies, the API call to the business data source is executed Data Source API (mobile middleware) 2-The request is evaluated against multiple mobile data management policies 5-The results of the data access operation are produced 3- The result from the mobile data access policies is produced Mobile Data Access Control Engine Enterprise Data Source
  43. 43. Context-Aware Mobile-First Data-Policies • • • • • Geo-location based policies Device based policies App based polices Network based policies Mobile client based policies
  44. 44. Geo-location Based Mobile Business Data Policies SAP Accounts • Require dual factor challenge if accessed outside North America
  45. 45. Device-Based Mobile Business Data Policies • No accessed from a jail broken iPhone Leads
  46. 46. Network-Based Mobile Business Data Policies Siebel Opportunities • Require encryption when accessed from an AT&T network
  47. 47. App-Based Mobile Business Data Policies Oracle EBS Orders • Can be accessed by the top order application • Require dual factor challenge if accessed from any other app
  48. 48. Compliance Mobile Business Data Policies EPIC Patient Records • Require HIPAA compliance communication and can’t be accessed from Windows Phone devices
  49. 49. People –Based Mobile Business Data Management Policies SharePoint Content • Can’t be accessed from people in the HR department (AD role)
  50. 50. Managing Mobile Data At-Rest
  51. 51. At-Rest Mobile Data Management Secure Mobile • Secure SQLLite Offline • Encrypt and sign at-rest mobile Storage business data Offline Mobile • Offline data expiration policies Data Management • Key lifetime policies Policies
  52. 52. Managing Mobile Data In-Use
  53. 53. In-Use Mobile Data Management Secure Mobile Data In-Use • Encrypt and sign In-Memory data In-Memory Mobile Data Management Policies • In-Memory data expiration policies • Key lifetime policies
  54. 54. Imagine if…We could extend our enterprise mobile app store with the data sources your mobile apps are using!
  55. 55. Mobile Device Management Policies Mobile Application Management Policies Mobile Operations Access Control Pipeline Mobile Data Management Policies
  56. 56. If you had that type of mobile data management solution….
  57. 57. How Much Would you Really Care About Devices and Apps Managing Devices Managing Apps Managing Business Data
  58. 58. Something to think about: Effectively managing your mobile business data is the ultimate goal of a mobile operations infrastructure
  59. 59. Summary • Enterprise mobile operations management has evolved from the management of devices to apps to data • Mobile business data management is the crown jewel of enterprise mobile management • Mobile business data management is about applying context-aware-mobile-first policies to mobile data sources • An enterprise mobile middleware infrastructure is required to effectively manage your mobile business data
  60. 60. Thanks!/jrodthoughts