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  1. 1. Kidney stones - is a disease of metabolism, caused by various external or internal causes.Often the disease is hereditary.Kidney stones can occur at any age, most often in working (in the 30-55 years old).Factors that contribute to kidney stones:Sedentary lifestyleNature of supply (abundance of protein in the diet)Hereditary predispositionMalformations of the kidneys horseshoe kidney, double kidney dystopia, ureterocele,kidney and spongy, etc.Hormonal disorders (hyperparathyroidism, distireoz, diabetes)Inflammation of the urinary tractLong-term stressful situationMetabolic disorders (elevated levels of urate, oxalate in the urine)The compositions of kidney stones are divided into oxalate, cystine, uric acid, phosphate.Most often, the composition of kidney stones is mixed.When kidney stones worries about the pain in the lumbar region, weakness and fatiguewill take place. Acute pain - renal colic - occurs suddenly during or after physicalexertion, walking, and abundant fluid intake. Renal colic may be accompanied by nauseaand vomiting, frequent urination.Kidney stones are often complicated by infection. The causative agent of theinflammatory process is most often Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus spp.Diagnosis of kidney stonesDiagnosis of kidney stones by radiographic and ultrasonic methods of research, computedtomography and biochemical analyzes of blood and urine.Kidney stones: treatmentThere are two methods of treatment of urolithiasis: operating and non-invasive. Choice oftreatment depends on the patients general condition, age, characteristics of the disease,size and location of stone, composition stone.When kidney stones recommended is works, which improves blood circulation anddischarge of urine.During the day, experts recommend drinking 1.5-2 liters in the form of mineral waterwithout gas, or a cranberry cranberry fruit drink.When urate recommends taking megalith, potassium bicarbonate, blemaren, Ural - drugsthat promote dissolution of the stone. The solutions are used under the strict control of theacidity of the urine for 2-3 months.Allopurinol is taken by mouth after eating at a dose of 300 mg / day.
  2. 2. When the phosphate rocks used ammonium chloride, ammonium citrate, methionine,sodium phosphateApply salt of magnesium, vitamin B6, ksidifon. It is recommended to drink per day 1.5-2.5 liter of liquid (at the expense of the cranberry and cranberry fruit drink).If stones are prone to self-discharge of, then you can use drugs such as tsistenal,artemizol, enatin, avisan extract madder dye, etc. These drugs prevent the development ofrenal disease, relieve spasms.Attack of renal colic requires a call to "first aid". Prior to the arrival of "first" seizure mayfacilitate the procedure of heat (bath, heating pad) in conjunction with takingantispasmodics (baralgin, no-spa, etc.).If urolithiasis complicated by infection - antimicrobial therapy is carried out taking intoaccount the results of urine culture.The indications for surgical treatment of kidney stones is pain, debilitating the patient, theattacks of pyelonephritis, blood in urine, hydronephrosis and progressive deterioration ofrenal function. Remote lithotripsy has been used successfully in the kidney and ureterstones with a diameter up to 2.5 cm to the application of this method, there are a numberof contraindications:Overweight patients (120 kg)Violation of coagulation (bleeding tendency)Heart disorder (atrial fibrillation, cardio-pulmonary insufficiency)The presence of stones that do not cause painReduced kidney function for more than 50%During exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis, renal bleeding and staghorn stones wherekidney function is reduced by more than 50% showed an open surgery.It is permissible in the presence of small stones, if there is hope of a discharge under theinfluence of self-diuretic action of mineral waters.Treatment of the resorts at any time of the yearReceive similar to bottled mineral water can not more than 0.5 liters per day under strictmedical supervision.Contraindications for sanatorium treatment: acute inflammation of the urogenital system(pyelonephritis, cystitis, prostatitis, etc.), marked renal failure, hydronephrosis,tuberculosis, presence of blood in the urine, difficulty urinating.Folk remedies for kidney stones
  3. 3. Folk remedies for kidney stones - is taking one or more plants that contribute to theexpulsion of stones. Folk remedies may be combined with medication prescribed by yourdoctor. 1. Folk remedy for kidney stonesHerb sage 2 tablespoonsCentaury grass 2 tablespoonsHorsetail herb 1 tablespoonHerb oregano 3 tablespoonsList ortosifona (kidney tea) 2 tablespoons stlovyhBirch leaf 3 tablespoonsPlant mix two tablespoons of collecting pour 0.8 liters of boiling water, leave overnightin a thermos. Strain Take neboshimi meals throughout the day. The course of 1-6 monthsData collection can be expanded by cornflower blossoms, flower Filipendula, fireweedleaves - it will increase its effectiveness. 2. Folk remedy for kidney stonesBirch leaf 3 tablespoonsDandelion root 3 tablespoonsMarjoram 2 tablespoonsCorn stigmas 2 tablespoonsThe root of the madder 1 tablespoonThe fruits of juniper 1 tablespoonBearberry leaf 1 tablespoonList cranberries 1 tablespoonGrass mint 1 tablespoon2 tablespoons collection pours 0.8 liters of boiling water; simmer on low heat for 30-40minutes. Insist to cool, strain. Take small portions of the morning on an empty stomach,as well as after every urination. 3. Folk remedy for kidney stonesDandelion root 1 tablespoonBearberry leaf 1 tablespoonThe fruits of juniper 1 tablespoonShepherds purse herb 1 tablespoonFruits of anise 5 tablespoonsThe fruits of parsley 5 tablespoonsBoil 2 tablespoons of the collection in 0.4 liters of water on low heat for 30 minutes.Take 200 ml during the morning and evening meals. 4. Folk remedy for kidney stonesThe root of the madder 4 tablespoonsBirch leaf 3 tablespoonsHorsetail grass 3 tablespoons
  4. 4. The fruits of juniper 1 tablespoonHips 5 tablespoonsThe fruits of fennel 2 tablespoonsKnotweed grass 2 tablespoonsData collection is recommended for phosphate rock. Preparation and use as a collectionof number 2 5. Folk remedy for kidney stonesCorn silkBirch leafLicorice rootRhizome wheatgrassTake each plant to 1 tablespoon, chop, and mix. One tablespoon of the mixture, pour aglass of boiled water, 6-8 hours, strain and drink for a day in divided doses. 6. Folk remedy for kidney stonesGrass clover 3 tablespoonsGrass goldenrod 2 tablespoonsCorn stigmas 3 tablespoonsKnotweed grass 3 tablespoonsMarjoram 2 tablespoonsGrass mint 2 tablespoonsHorsetail grass 2 tablespoonsList cranberries 2 tablespoonsBearberry leaf 2 tablespoonsLicorice root 3 tablespoonsDesirable to expand the collection by Gallium herbs, grasses and roots of wheat grass,barberry fruit, flower Filipendula, grass heath. Preparation and use as a collection ofnumber 2.Stones larger diameter may be varied with the pain. Large stones may cause obstructionof the urethra. Therefore, the use of herbal medicine requires caution in the presence oflarge stones.From ready-made products based on plants sold in pharmacies:Monitor the effectiveness of treatment in the first year of observations carried out onetime in 3 months. Further control is carried out every 6 months.Prevention of kidney stonesPrevention of kidney stone formation is composed of:Antimicrobial treatment of inflammationDietIncrease physical activityTreatment of concomitant diseases (diabetes, obesity, stomach ulcers, liver,arteriosclerosis)