15 ways to live


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15 ways to live

  1. 1. 15 Ways to Live, and Not Merely Exist (Taken from Marc and Angel)1. Appreciate the who have hurt you. – Iyou allow people to AsForgive those great people and things in your life. –2. Ignore London once said, “The properforgive people, 3. Choose you people’s negativity. –luckyLife is a of man Jack other If function 5. Be who to listen to your If you’re 4. really are. – inner voice. – enough to haveSometimes withdrawals trust deposits others do for us willmake live, not to exist.”I Far the thingsjusttravel through is to more we don’t notice too often we your life, you mean nothing at all. in everybody else, than them. but that doesn’tmakes you different Ifrom don’t have time courageous journey or something that We cannot becomeuntilon of balance going through the motions,you know it.be out autopilot, andthem. Don’t be like that.accepting life they stop doing in the negative before busy loving to hate people Uniqueness is priceless.exactlyBe grateful who change. who hurt me, because I’m too crazy don’twe want to be by continuing to do In this whatfor whatwho love me. The dayyou,apologize cares forhasIgnore unconstructive, hurtful commentary. one one you. what is, you have, who loves pass like the is the bravest. having every first to and who No before people anddoing. to make you like everyone else, find it. we’ve been world that’s trying Choose to listen to your inner voice,theYou’llfirstto judge you. the strongest.and to youto movethe right toseemshow They may have heard your stories, Everything know relatively normal The first until the The neverkeep opinions of awesome else. Andwhat you forgive is mucheveryone self. Do when they they mean comfortable, not the jumbled being your courage today theythatno longer twitch in the goingof your mind dobut they’re the happiest. you brave.backstrong. Be You except didn’t feel what Be were Truly appreciate happy. forward is constant beside you. Be back atroad, those through. know in yourfor beingright for YOU. It’s your themand laugh at you heart is different, laugh foraroundsaying, “It’s time to make some changes.” havenot free. control you’llwhat others say; others around that’s you, and over soon find many but you do Be have yours alone. Others may lot of with you, but no alone, being the same. It takes awalk it courage to stand one canyou. Truly appreciateor not you allow them toyou havecontrol over whether life, and you’ll find that say these walk it worth it. Being sure to appreciate every day of but it’s for you. And be YOU is worth it!more of ityou. You alone can deny theirHighly Effectivethings to to live. Read The 7 Habits of poisonous words your life. Good days give you happiness, bad days givePeople 15 simple heart and mind. those who want tofrom invading your suggestions for Here are you experience, and the worst days give you the best break free from the mold and truly live more of their life – lessons. Read Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say to experience it and enjoy it to the fullest, instead of No settling for a mere existence.
  2. 2. 9. Love thingsthose future selfyou.love – as Life memorable8. Recognize your and love can voice.The best a What6. Embraceto listen who enjoy wisely. children, in spite of 10. Do yourself relationships your life – it unfolds. – The 5. Choose your too. – your inner – The most is – 7. change to If you will thank you for.the messes they make; yourisones all.whattimes her share,people every are mattersthemother, inWe you do everyhardestin yourday notor nothing thangood cannot become you do part about willjust about at who spite of you were courageous journey be more the relationships life growing letting goloved you when of what youtendency to very bethe father,something exactly not.you weren’t about by continuing though he’s tooused wealso nag; loveable. doevento is importantthese onceto, a while. What obstacles youdo you’re what they’re and moving on with today go through together, who in want to your you Pay attention to who becauseopinionated;doing.sibling, sayworrying, wondering,voice,people beenyou haveastill evenlisten to youreven end.late;Sometimesinthat you to stopto“Ithough she’sinner sure it’s you are exchangingChooselove themyou”it. Make and we’ve are your life, day of your life back, the whenAnd and the fact your and love for in alwaysyourthesomeone opinionshe often forgets to return Laughthey aren’t actingisn’t just of everyone else. Do what it’s he worthwhile.even though about saying work out. what not friend, loving jumbled loveable.doubting, and have faith that things will it every day, youborrows,your heartknoweveryto loveRelationshipsand and know in then you is in how way. imperfect people,at the confusion, live consciously in the moment, must be showing it every day right for YOU. It’s your road, andcan surely loveas it unfolds.love. with you, but no one can chosen wisely. yourself.enjoy your lifeOthers may walk it might not you truly find yours alone. Don’t rush You Wait until end up exactlywhereityou you. Andto go, but eventually you willdayof it. Don’t let loneliness drive you back into every arrive walk for intended be sure to appreciate the arms ofprecisely where you you don’t belong with.bad days give your life. you know need to be. someone Good days give you happiness, Fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely. A great you experience, and the worst days give you the best relationship is Boundaries: for. lessons. Read worth waitingWhen to Say Yes, How to Say No
  3. 3. 12. Leave enough time fortroubles you don’t have. trying11. Be thankful factallmust.fun.will thank youabout What 10. Do things your future self – Sometimes you – – There 15. Let go when you the – It’s is not today. – Don’t let 14. Accept the for that the past not always for. need totakepast stealof being rich: One than have all you want, arearefix somethingback to seelife. – Thewhat you doYou your13. Enjoy the little matters more futurebest things in and you a few steps that’s broken. is to relationships life to two ways day things in and Some from you. every the do every your present things clearly. Never letlife other isjustbe What youwithIfwhat you’ve done becausethe become isproud of all work, wonderimportantthemfree. There to absolute joy andtoday is tohave. Accept once in a while. satisfiedthe things mind be had inso situations so can’t be fixed. you you force might not be filled with do your try to become thecrammedof moments. now,of heartlife for it. so jammedit’sand appreciateworry,aor your your not today.overhappinesssimplestexchanging will only get worse. more the you are that’sthings day past is becomeSometimes it’s back together, okay. The and you’ll find Makepast past, but with Watching the sunset The surewith old or changed, time with a familycomescan only bein everybe spendingand that there’s no member. Enjoy thehorizon moment anger, creating something better. them worthwhile. or youforgotten, or erased. It left in we about starting over live. Happiness room when cannot hurtsfor fun, for awe, or for joy.day you havelook back butstop things, becauseonly in troubles westruggles,andin thelittle complaining about mistakes, may tohave and offer accepted. We all make the Strength shows not one the ability persist, andthanks to they the troublespast. aBut have. your remember,discover startwere in our with smile on And face and ability for all over the bigwe don’t you are not your even regret things again things.you haveinyou are not your struggles, andto earn the best passion to fight through some bad days you are here mistakes, your heart.days of your life. Read The How of Happiness. future. NOW with the power to shape your day and your
  4. 4. 12. Leave enough allmust.fun.will you don’t have. trying11. Be thankful fortime fortroubles thank youabout What 10. Do things your future self – Sometimes you – – There 15. Let go when you the – It’s not always for. need totake a few steps being rich: One than what all you everyarefix somethingback to see things clearly.you do want, you do ways of that’s broken. is to have Never let your to two every day matters more Some relationships andlife other isjust filled with work, your mind become sothe become to be What youwithIfwhat is importantthem once in a while. satisfied do today try to forceAccept situations so can’t be fixed. you you have. becausecrammed with things now,of heart worse. more happinessand appreciateworry,aor your your life for it. so jammedit’s you are exchanging will only get becomeSometimes it’s back together, day and you’ll find Make surewith old hurts or you live. Happiness comes left in wein every moment anger, that there’s no room better. them worthwhile. over and creating something when about startingfor fun, for awe, or for joy. the ability to persist, offerstop complaining about the troubles we have andbut in the Strength shows not only inthanks to start over again with a smile on your remember, ability for all the troubles we don’t have. And face andyou havein your heart. passion to fight through some bad days to earn the bestdays of your life. Read The How of Happiness.