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Marketing - 2015 Thinking

Marketing today enables, connects and engages… it's now part of the product

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Marketing - 2015 Thinking

  1. 1. Marketing - 2015 Thinking
  2. 2. Marketing in 2015: Creating a unique brand to engage your customers and increase revenue
  3. 3. Same as every year, right?
  4. 4. In today's digital age - social, mobile and automation - means empowered customers, always switched on, engagement and personalisation
  5. 5. 2015 is about sustaining customer relationships through on-going, relevant conversations and community sharing
  6. 6. It's not about a single campaign that ends at POS… it's about continuous engagement
  7. 7. Consumers are now ambassadors of your brand
  8. 8. Big data gives the ability for timely, engaging and relevant content
  9. 9. Employee talent is the key to successful messaging
  10. 10. Market to your potential candidates… you're marketers, right?
  11. 11. Wow your candidates, focus on the hire, forge a relationship and price competitively
  12. 12. Retaining is easier than hiring
  13. 13. Share goals to unite, avoid boredom with challenges, clear the path of bureaucracy, and ensure management is inspiring
  14. 14. Successful talent means multiskilling
  15. 15. Unique skillsets - creative with an understanding of analytics, content creation by product experts, innovations and technological understanding
  16. 16. CMO leadership must change
  17. 17. CMO's no longer play a support role; they require a full seat at the boardroom table to: • Hire the right people so you know what's happening in the industry • Listen to their staff and be part of the conversation (no matter how many leadership meetings you're in) • Understand what technology and data you need plus how it works (take the CTO out for a drink) • Enable your employees to innovate and remove roadblocks for successful execution
  18. 18. Marketing today enables, connects and engages… it's now part of the product
  19. 19. 2015 requires the right marketing team to make this happen