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Kick apps agency solutions presentation


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Kick apps agency solutions presentation

  1. 1. KickApps Agency SolutionsAn Overview of KickApps Social Media Applications and Professional Servicesfor Agency Partners
  2. 2. KickApps Overview
  3. 3. Company Snapshot  5 Years completely focused on Social Media Technology & Success  HQd in NYC with Offices in LA, San Fran, Austin, London & Mumbai  100 employees  Over 400 National & Global Customers  Visionary Quadrant by Gartner  Forrester “KickApps has, without a doubt, the most complete and mature set of self-service tools for launching and extending community functionality.”
  4. 4. Broadcast + Television
  5. 5. Publishing | Entertainment | Sports
  6. 6. Consumer Brands + B2B
  7. 7. Associations + Non-Profits
  8. 8. Core Social Applications You Expect Social Networking UGC Video BlogsGroups Forums Commenting Widgets
  9. 9. And innovative solutions you didn’tFacebook Apps Points & Levels System Mood Polling Ask & Answer Ideation BadgingContest Engine Social Commerce
  10. 10. KickApps Approach
  11. 11. KickApps: Swiss Army Knife of Social Media
  12. 12. With KickApps you play offense instead of defense with social media
  13. 13. Offense vs. Defense Defense OffenseListening and reacting to the good, the Proactively sharing constructivebad, and the ugly conversation & positive buzz around the web
  14. 14. We don’t provide cookie-cutter solutions
  15. 15. With KickApps you execute on YOUR vision
  16. 16. KickApps Solutions Success
  17. 17. Year 1: Doubled Registered Users from 6 Million to 12 Million +300% increase in traffic + 4X traffic onsite coming from social web
  18. 18. Generated 13 Million views, 1.5 Million uniques, 113k UGCquestions, 31k UGC Recommends, and 10k newsletter signups
  19. 19. Customer Community for Wacom 11/4/10 SA University request for blog and forums. Direct pass mid-tier to Aaron We are looking for a solution to manage a blog & q/a forums for our parent portal.Wacom: Over 12,000 Customer Registrations and 150% increase in sales during Year 1of Customer Community
  20. 20. Connecting Apparel and Accessory FansGoreTex: Seriously helpful conversation happening on this site. The experienceallows for other customers to become an extension of the customer service that abrand or store is traditionally limited to providing by the size of its workforce.
  21. 21. Customer Community For Retail FashionLane Bryant: Initial success of generating more than 31,000 new registrations in first18 months has inspired free publicity via articles about the application in GlamourMagazine, Marie Claire, Essence, and Plus
  22. 22. Simon & Schuster: Connecting Brand SuperfansOver 5,000 Members in first 6 months
  23. 23. Simon & Schuster: Readers to AuthorsMore Than 50 participating authors at launch
  24. 24. Simon & Schuster: On FacebookConversation also lives directly within Facebook and conversations can be had in real-time between Facebook, onsite, and even partner sites or within ad units.
  25. 25. Other reasons brands like KickApps
  26. 26. Smart Apps & Personalization•KickApps makes your apps more relevant by letting you identify users by their prior history on the site and serve up content that reflects that history.•This can be anything from the type of content they see to the products they are offered in an e-commerce app•Personalized apps make ideal sponsorship vehicles
  27. 27. Single/Social Sign On•KickApps platform allows you to sign into any CMS with a Single Sign On: an email address or a social ID (Facebook, Twitter, Google, et al)•This is a boon for brands with multiple sub-brands: one sign-in registers a user for all of your sites, which allows for better tracking and a smoother user experience
  28. 28. Reporting•KickApps provides (customizable) reporting tools that let you see everything from the most commented upon video to the user with the most activity that week•KickApps easily integrates with Google Analytics, Omniture, and Radian6
  29. 29. High-Quality, High-Speed Professional Services•KickApps maintains a full production team to help you build and manage your sites•We provide everything from design to maintenance to project management•KickApps upgrades and maintains our sites and software on a regular basis to make sure we have the most up-to-date offerings
  30. 30. KickApps Has The Scale To Handle Mega Projects• Our Application Servers average 39 million dynamic hits from logs per day• KickApps currently delivers 3 million media hits (images, video and audio) per day across our publisher networks• Akamai Edge Network: utilized for the upload and delivery of rich media experiences globally.
  31. 31. The KickApps Advantage•Integrated: all your social touchpoints are in harmony•You own 100% of the data•The most applications, the most design flexibility•Experts in the space
  32. 32. Thank You