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Place a mirror on it


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Place a Mirror On It

Published in: Art & Photos
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Place a mirror on it

  1. 1. These Artworks Come to Life When You Place a Mirror On It
  2. 2. István Orosz is a Hungarian artist best known for his fantastic anamorphic art. The distorted pieces come to life when a cylindrical mirror is placed atop the artwork; seemingly abstract imagery transforms into detailed and realistic figures and faces. Orosz graduated from the University of Arts and Design in Budapest in 1975. After graduation Orosz became involved with theatre as a stage designer. According to Impossible World: István often uses “Outis” or “Utisz” (No one) as a pseudonym. The Homeric hero Odysseus, who fought the Cyclops, used this name as well (he put out the monster’s eye). Orosz imagines that his art is akin to an Odysseus gesture: some kind of attack upon the eye