Be blessed by the divine


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Be blessed by the divine

  1. 1. Be Blessed by the Divine.Workshop on AngerManagement
  2. 2. Important Quote.“By Doing Service, one should not feel he hasdone some obligation to the Society. Rather heshould thank the Society for giving him anopportunity to serve .”
  3. 3. Workshop on Anger ManagementKnowledge is Divine and hence it should beshared.Knowledge is unlimited and hence we shouldkeep on Learning Good things and share witheveryone.Knowledge is Powerful.
  4. 4. ANGER ManagementThree Things that Deteriorate Your Life:1. LIQUOR (Uncommon)2. Arrogance (Not in Everyone)3. ANGER (Very Common)
  5. 5. ANGER ManagementLUST, GREED & ANGER are 3 Gateways to HELL.Hence from the previous 2 Slides, ANGER isone common factor which is common amongall of us (with varying degree)
  6. 6. ANGER Management.What is Anger?What can Anger do?Why should we get Angry?How to Control Anger?Composition of an Ideal PersonConclusion
  7. 7. WHAT IS ANGER- ?Anger is one letter short of “DANGER”.It is the response when some expectation is not metthereby resulting in the form of Shouting, Scolding,Striking, Hatred and also by Silence.Sometimes Pre-conceived Notions lead toIntolerance which results in Anger. (Swami’s Quote)During Anger you upset yourself first and then bekind enough to upset others.
  8. 8. WHAT IS ANGER- ?Anger is the condition by which the Tongue works fasterthan the Mind.It is said that “Of all the 5 Senses, the Tongue is the mostpowerful one, since it performs two functions of “Taste” &“Speech” & it is the Uncontrolled Tongue that leads toAnger.Therefore Anger is the younger Brother of Lunacy.Anger is always on the Past Actions.Action Vs Reaction (Reaction is always more dangerousthan Action)EGO is the Prefix of ANGER.
  9. 9. ANGER ManagementEntire Universe lives on two “Tents”Content which leads to Happiness &Discontent which leads to Anger.
  10. 10. WHAT CAN ANGER DO?Anger can destroy peace and harmony(Explain 90/10 principle)10% of life is made up of what happens to you.(Uncontrollable)90% of life is decided by how you react.(Controllable)Anger can end in tragediesAnger can produce Ulcers, Insomnia, HeartDiseases and Hypertension.
  11. 11. Why Should We Get Angry?Why should we get angry and get upset andimmobilised about a thing that stand, noteven 1% chance of changing?If observed closely we would realise that byexpressing anger we have not been able tobring out the desired change in people.
  12. 12. Why Should We Get Angry?(Funny thing is we get Angry with the sameperson for the same reason). But never get Angrywith Strangers even if they are wrong.For every minute you are Angry with someone, youlose 60 Seconds of happiness, that you can neverget back. So why do you get Angry?Therefore anger has the effect of pouring another glass of sweet water into the Ocean.
  13. 13. How to Control AngerApply 90/10 Principle in your life.Follow the Anger Vaccination Kit.By Being Humourous.Some Practical ways of controlling Anger.Train your Subconscious Mind to be +ive.By attempting to be an Ideal Person.Parents to be a Role model for ChildrenA great Person has said “We cannot change theWorld but we can change ourselves.”
  14. 14. Anger Vaccination KitDo not generally get upset though you mayreact (just fake).Consider others have right to be differentfrom you.Try to get rid off expectations you have onothers.Have a sense of humour.
  15. 15. Anger Vaccination KitList out all the Positive traits of a person withwhom you are Angry.Have a dialogue with the ultimate consumerof your Anger.List out all benefits you will enjoy by givingup Anger.
  16. 16. Anger Vaccination KitPut in yourself in a situation of others gettingangry with you.Ensure satisfaction of your basic needseating, sleeping etc.Try to reduce Chillies, Salt and Tamarind inyour diet.
  17. 17. HUMOUR – Reverse of ANGERTry to be humorous as Humour increases thelongevity of Life.During Anger body becomes stiff but duringHumour the body is totally relaxed.
  18. 18. HUMOUR – Reverse of ANGERLaughter is God’s Sunshine.Laughter reduces stress hormone levels.Hence you feel relaxed.Laughter enhances your immunity byimproving your mood.Your Immune System is stronger on your“up” days and you are less prone to upperrespiratory infections.
  19. 19. Some Practical ways of Controlling Anger. For Short Term TreatmentTry not to get Angry but Suppressing the Anger ismore dangerous than Expressing the Anger. (InnerOrgans get damaged)If you get angry, Drink Cold Water in slow sips.Try to get away from the scene of Anger.Use Japanese Method.For Children – Apply Lion’s Posture.
  20. 20. Long Term Treatment.Attitude Change – Be Positive & AssertiveFlexibility –Try to learn to be flexible.Satisfaction of Basic needsDietBalance your mind to solve your problem.Maturity.Train your Subconscious Mind. (Be Positive)Be Calm to live longerTry to Avoid Enmity.
  21. 21. Composition of an Ideal PersonShark QualityDolphin QualityCarp Quality
  22. 22. Composition of an Ideal PersonComposition of an Ideal Person– 75% Dolphine– 15% Shark– 10% Carp
  23. 23. Guide Your mindGuide Your mind on to Peace andEquanimity"Shaanthih! Shaanthih! Shaanthih!:”The Above manthra will quieten thewaves of anger.
  24. 24. ConclusionTo lead a good Life follow this basic principleand try to hang this message at every corner ofyour house.“SACRIFICE YOUR RIGHTS FOR THE SAKE OF HAPPINESS” LOVE ALL & SERVE ALL.
  25. 25. Other Workshops1. Know Your Inner World.2. Effective Presentation3. Personality Development through Self Confidence4. Child – Parent Relationship.5. Good Health including Food Habits6. Yoga and Breathing Techniques7. Attitude and Positive Thinking THANK YOU!