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Kiaran movie analysis word

  1. 1. I have created this document to explore different posters under the genre of SocialRealism, this is for research to allow us to create our poster for our short film, allowing it torelate to other posters already created for films.This is EnglandThis film poster is used in for the film ‘This is England’ directed by Shane Meadows. Theposter includes all the main characters standing next to each other, this indicates that theyare all friends, which can also be told from the way that their dressed very similar to eachother. The flats in the background connotes that the characters in the film live in a poorarea, this relates to the genre of ‘social ‘realism’ as most storylines from this genre revolvearound the poorer people of society who’s perception of life is more of a struggle. This filmis based in the 80s, in order to get this point across to the audience the creators of theposter have dressed the characters in a style of that generation in order for the viewers tounderstand that the film is based on life at that time. The males are mainly wearing jeansthat are tightly fitted and boots, the females also dress similar to the males, whichcontrasts to the dress sense of people in todays society. My social realism short film ismainly based in a school, therefore in order to show this to our target audience we wouldneed to photograph our characters in their school uniforms, for example.The poster has been graphed out so that the title and the slogan can be clearly seenagainst the fence. The ratings from newspapers and movie awards are located at the topof the page which contrast heavily with the sky blue background.Kidulthood
  2. 2. Kidulthood is a social realism film which is based around the lives of teenagers living incentral London who are influenced badly leading them to do commit crimes.The setting of the film shows that it is based in a rough part of a city, the characters aresitting on a roof with a contrast of the dark area in the background. The characters allappear to be threatening, there is an ethnic mix in the group which relates to todayssociety. The males are all dressed darkly which relates to gangs, whereas the females aredressed in lighter colours, which suggests that their innocent. The characters look as iftheir standing on a tarmac rooftop, some of them are sitting on a concrete block whichmakes the area look very industrial.The colours are dark and grimy which relates to the nature of the poorer part of society.Compared to the other posters, the colours of this poster look a lot more unnaturalcompared to the other posters, this connotes that the funding of the film has been largerand the films haven’t been made independently like Fishtank and This is England.The font is bold and clear, it contrasts with the darker colours of the poster, the ‘i’ in thetitle is the only letter which is lowercase, this relates to the age of the characters in the filmand connotes that the characters think that their old, but in reality they are just a small partof the bigger world.Fishtank
  3. 3. Fishtank is a film about a young girl who is growing up in an estate, the film highlights thestruggle of life in a poorer part of society. This film poster is different from the ones I havepreviously analysed, this poster only contains one character who is gazing out of thewindow, there is no exterior setting on this poster. But it can easily be assumed that themain character in this film does not live in a rich environment due to the rips and graffiti onthe walls.There is no exterior setting on this poster, the background shows what looks like the maincharacters room. There is rips in the wallpaper, graffiti and paint marks on the wall. Thecolour of the wall is a creamy colour, which contrasts to the title and actor names. Themain character is wearing hooped earrings and a cheap necklace which shows the classof the character. These hints indicate to any potential viewer that the film will be basedaround the working class.The font is very bold and clear, the colour of the main title signifies that the film is mainlyabout the girl on the poster.