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Little red riding hood


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Little red riding hood

  1. 1. Little Red Riding Hood Kianna Briggs
  2. 2. EditingAlthough Little Red Riding Hood was one film there were two trailers used to promote ittherefore I decided to analyse both and compare them.For example this trailer uses a red On the other hand this trailer uses a forest asbackground which has connotations of evil the background which immediately hasand blood. This could be then used as a way connotations of danger and fear. This couldof describing the content of the film. The use then enlighten the audience with the name ofof white text could possibly suggest purity the film and the genre of it. The use of theand freedom which could indicate Little Red red writing also has connotations of evil, andRiding Hoods character within the film. The blood which also suggests the genre of thewhite text and red background could suggest film.power in which Little Red Riding Hood’spurity and freedom has been taken over byevil passion. This therefore enables theaudience to notify the genre of this film.
  3. 3. Camera Shots The use of a high angle shot not only shows the audience what has happened but it also shows the audience the costume. This therefore suggests the status of the characters and the time in which the film is set. The angle does not show any specific faces which suggests that the shot to follow this will show a reaction. The shot after this a medium shot which shows the reaction of Little Red Riding Hood suggesting that the person in the centre has some relevance to her life therefore has relevance to the narrative. Within the shot there are huts which suggests their status is of a low one. The shot also shows her between two woman which could indicate her importance within the story in which she is constantly in the centre therefore highlighting her role in the film.
  4. 4. The beginning of the trailer shows theinstitution which could be a hint as tohow the good the film will be as theaudience can judge it on theinstitutions past success. The editing ofthis however brings the film intocontext suggesting what genre the filmwill be.A fade is used to give a clue to thename of the film. The fact that it fadesto see a red cloak immediately suggestsLittle Red Riding Hood because thecloak is a symbol in the fairytale.The shot to follow is a low angle longshot which reveals the name of the filmas it shows Little Red Riding Hood.However this shot is contrasted withhow the institution at the beginning isedited because whereas the institutionhas been edited to give it a suspiciousand tense effect this shot shows LittleRed Riding Hood happy.
  5. 5. Editing The trailer uses a lot of zoom to almost draw the audience in. The zoom is quite fast suggesting that a lot of action is about to happen. Furthermore the fact that the camera zooms into a house creates suspense as the audience are immediately wanting to know what and who is inside the house. This is one that I would like to include in my trailer because not only does it create suspense but it also shows the main character in danger which makes the audience want to continue watching.
  6. 6. Towards the middle of the trailers suspense is created by the use of pace between each shots.Each shot last between 2-3 seconds and straight cuts are used, this therefore increases drama asthe audience are wanting to know what is going on and what happens at the end of the sequence.It ends with a close up of a door with the image of a wolf which suggests that this entire build upwas based upon the wolf indicating there will be danger to follow.Each of these shots are close ups which allows the audience to notify the characters facialexpressions which also creates a tense atmosphere as they are all interested and worried aboutwhat they are about to see. The two shots to follow the end of this sequence are very powerful.
  7. 7. These two shots directlyfollow the sequence whichcreates a tense atmosphereas it the close up of theman is a dark imagesuggesting that he couldpossibly be evil within thefilm. Whereas the close upof Little Red Riding Hoodshows her in the darksuggesting her innocencebut also because of herfrightened and shockedexpressions suggests thatthe man has told hersomething that could twistthe plot for the worse.
  8. 8. SoundThe beginning of the trailer begins with ahappy melody which accompanies the shotsas they are joyful, peaceful shots of Little RedRiding Hood enjoying herself. However within10 seconds of the trailer the music suddenlyfades away brining with it harsh sound effectswhich suggests that the genre of the film willnot be romance but instead something muchdarker and more frightening which isreflected in their facial expressions anddistance. Unlike most trailers Little Red RidingHood does not use a voiceover however itdoes make use of diegetic sound in which thetrailer features the most important lines fromthe script and includes them in different shotsso the audience have an idea of the narrative.This is effective as it allows the trailer to flowwithout guidance from a voice over andallows the audience to see how the film isactually scripted.