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Question 3

  1. 1. What Kind Of Media InstituteMight Distribute Your Media Product And Why?
  2. 2. We specialise in the production ofsupernatural thriller films. We seek toentertain our audience and also inform themof the true mythology legends behind all thesupernatural films that have been made.
  3. 3. What Does A Production Company Do?• A production company is responsible for the making of a film as it overlooks the film from when it’s just an idea to the completion of the project. The handle the budgeting-how much they can spend on the project, scheduling, scripting and finding the talent i.e. director, actors, stunts, extras etc.• The company helps to distribute the product as well as handling the marketing. Major production companies are able to do this more efficiently as they have more funding or because of the amount of studio investor and private investors.
  4. 4. …continued• The production company is also held responsible for any difficulties during the production i.e. property damage or an actor being injured.
  5. 5. Distributor – Who and Why? • Distributors are responsible for releasing the film to the public either through theatrical viewing or home viewing i.e. DVD Blu Ray and downloads etc; they also promote the film. • After the production of the film The master print of the finished film is sent to a local distributor who then decides the strategies and release dates. • The distributors then present the film to exhibitors and negotiates a bilateral agreement to have the film shown in cinema venues.Hammer Films is a UK based film distributor thatalso produce film noirs, sci-fis, and thrillers.. Theywould be the most appropriate distributor for ourfilm as Hammer Films are successful with horrorfilms due to their partnership with Warner Bros.
  6. 6. How Was Our Film Founded?• The UK Film Council website says that they ‘will support filmmakers in the UK who are emerging or world-class and are capable of creating distinctive and entertaining work’. Although this was our first attempt at a film opening I believe that with the support and backing of the BFI we’d be able to pull off our project. The BFI would assist us through the development and production of our film.• The BFI has £15million a year to invest in development , production and completion of feature films and as our film is for a niche audience and the idea behind it is simple we wouldn’t need a big budget.
  7. 7. List of titlesThe opening credits are usually done in the following order:•Production company: FOX SEARCHLIGHT PICTURES•Film production company: MANDATE PICTURES/ MR MUDDPRODUCTION•film director: JASON REITMAN•Film: JUNO•Lead actor: ELLEN PAGE•Supporting actors: MICHAEL CERA, JENNIFER GARNER, JASONBATEMAN etc.•Casting directors: MINDY MARKIN, KARA LIPSON•Costume designer: MONIQUE PRUDHOMME•Composer: MATEO MESSINA•Co-producers: JIM MILLER, KELLI KONOP•Editor: DANA E. GLAUBERMAN•Production designer: STEVE SAKLAD•Director of photography: ERIC STEELBERG• Executive producers: JOE DRAKE, NATHAN KAHANE etc.•Producer: LIANNE HALFON, JOHN MALKOVICH etc.•Writer: DIABLO CODY•Director: JASON REITMAN
  8. 8. Like our FilmThe Resident and Let Me In are similar to our film asthey’re both distributed by Hammer Films and I chose TheOmen as it has as its themes are similar to our film. Themovie revolves around superstition, the Devil and certainmyths.