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Question 1 continued

  1. 1. Question 1 continued… USE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF REAL MEDIA PRODUCTS – As the structure of the video is narrative based which also includes a performance element when the artist sings the chorus directly at the camera, this is the most conventional unlike a performance or concept video. Our music video was intended to use conventions from present media, which mostly focused on British social realism, this established a recognisable image that would involve my intended audience instantly for example its not for a middle aged woman. This type of genre focuses on a teenager growing up in Britain and the problems she faces, e.g. poverty, drink and drugs. Choosing a narrative style music video complemented my artist and his style of music. The target audience for ourvideo, is conventionally targeted at a teenage audience, having this style of video means that it will be more interesting for the audience as they will be able to relate to the video. Because, in this day and age most chart music is aimed at a teenageaudience which they can relate to. The locations used are typically areas of the working/middle class and we included shots of deprived areas to reflect that. The song is slow and depressive, so I decided to emphasise this through the visuals thatenhanced and reflected the lyrics. When editing the video, we used conventional ideas that fit with our genre of music and the song itself for example, when the song slowed down we used slow down repeated shots. DEVELOP FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF REAL MEDIA PRODUCTS – There is a direct relationship between the music and the visuals, using this convention in the video helped with emphasisingthe meaning of the lyrics. The genre of my chosen song is pop/rap, the normal style for this group of music is very challenging with a fantasy type style video, usually to do with aspirations of what they look up to be so includes diamonds, money and bling. Within my music video, I have told a story of a girl growing up and facing difficulties such as poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, being raped and prostitution. I have highlighted the relationship between the lyrics by having the character act outwhat the lyrics are stating at the particular time. For example, ‘she was on her way home he lying away’ the character is shownwalking down the street on her mobile. Also, ‘A habit she wanted, a pain she needed numbing’ she is shown sitting on the bed whilst shaking and looking like she is a drug addict. However, in the song lyrics ‘and unprovoked and the most venomous attack’ instead of directly showing her being attacked we filmed a dingy place where she was ‘raped’ and used footage of her lying on the floor and pushing at the camera.