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  1. 1. What have you learnt from the audience feedback? By Saskia Calliste
  2. 2. Audience feedback First Edit 12.12.2012When we finished our first edit, we had access to people of our intended target audience and gotfeedback of what they thought of the video overall, without any specific questions as we just neededan initial reaction as it was the first edit and we had intended to make changes after our first initialreactions. We chose two 18 year olds of different sexes as although our target audience ranges from16-25, the majority of people who listen to this music seem to be at the 18 age mark. Getting thefeedback from two different sexes gives us a chance to see what feedback we receive coming fromtwo different emotional levels as the video is one that comes with warnings and subliminal messageswhich we need to know both sexes can react to. Positives Negatives SuggestionsName: Fatima Good Shots The role of Make it moreAge: 18 Tamara was clear whatEthnicity: Somalian unclear Tamara’s role isSex: FemaleOccupation: Student Interesting Overall Good use of subliminal messages, keeps the video intriguing Really good lip syncing
  3. 3. Name: ChrisAge: 18Ethnicity: BritishSex: MaleOccupation: StudentPositives Negatives SuggestionsGood camera work It is one of Try and make the storylines of those videos each character linger a little that you would longer so that its clearer to have to watch see twice to fully understand it and catch all of what’s going onNice and effective use of close-upsThe performance shots were spot onThe changes in speed made it entertainingto watch
  4. 4. From this audience feedback, what did we do to change it? We superimposed the attack scene with the scene in which Tamara is standing in the alley watching it, to make it clearer that she is a witness We showed the after effects of how Tamara is handling what she saw in which the audience will learn she is not handling well We made it clearer on how Saskia and Tamara got involved with each other by extending the scenes in which the missing posters go up and it happens to be the witness who is the first to call Saskia to tell her what happened to her friend Kelly. When we showed them the second edit, they were confident that theyunderstood fully now the full storyline and that the suggestions they madehad helped them get over the things they did not understand the first time.This allowed us then to get feedback from others within the age range ofour intended audience with pre-selected questions to get a more in depth feedback on the video.
  5. 5. Name: Georgina BenjaminAge: 21Ethnicity: AlbanianSex: FemaleOccupation: StudentHow did the video make you feel?It makes me feel sad for the woman who was attacked and I feel a strong connection betweenthe lyrics and the videoDid you understand the video?Yes. When I watched the first edit I was unsure of what was going on exactly. Then shortlyafterwards I saw the final edit and then things started to become more clear. For instance whathad actually happened to main actor and how others were affected by it as well as she was.What parts did you enjoy?The performance shots as they really added emotion to the video alongside the scenes ofexpression and emotion.What do you think needs improving?I thought in some parts the acting needed to be more enthusiastic, as in certain times of sademotion it came across as boredom.Was there anything you found unclear?The relationship between the best friend and the witness but then at a second watch Iunderstood and enjoyed it more when it became clear.Please explain your view on the relationship with the music, the artists and the actors?The choice of song sets the tone of the video especially the piano instrumental at the beginning.I also think the narrative fits really well with the song and the singing and the rappingcomplimented each other very nicely. The establishment of the main actress and her friendsfriendship really sets the scene and makes me realise that all is about to go downhill and neitherof them will be the same again, and how extreme her character changes and how it effects thewitness. Making the male character/attacker ominous and not in the video makes it more intenseand adds to fact that the lyrics tell a story.Do you think the Digipak relates to the style of artist portrayed in the video?When I saw the Digipak, for the voice that the artist has I didn’t expect to see something crazyand out there, so I was pleasantly surprised that they had done it the way that they did. Itsslightly understated which is the current position of the artist they created because they saidthey wanted to portray her as someone breaking into the industry. I think the poster was a nicetouch and the sneak preview and interview really did make me feel like the artist was real as shecomes across the exact way they’ve tried to portray her. Although it’s understated, it’s very eyecatching as the colours against the black back drop really do stand out.
  6. 6. Name: Charlotte RhysAge: 19Ethnicity: BritishSex: FemaleOccupation: StudentHow did the video make you feel?I thought it was quite emotional and it made me think about how any moment canchange your life.Did you understand the video?Not at first but then I watched it again and I got it fully the second or third time aroundbecause there was a lot going on.What parts did you enjoy?I liked the scene where the two girls were arguing and the part where the lead girl isjumping around the room all agitated.What do you think needs improving?Not much really just it was distracting having the performance parts on that bright greenscreen, it kind of broke the intensity of it all, especially because the lip syncing wasgood.Was there anything you found unclear?No, I understood it; it’s just there was so much going on which is why I had to watch itmore than once.Please explain your view on the relationship with the music, the artists and theactors?I think the idea of following the words to the song with visuals was really clever becausewith some music videos the visuals having nothing to do with the song itself and it’s kindof off putting. I liked how on certain parts of the song would say something and theactors would do it; for example, the beginning says, ‘she was on her way home’, and yousee her walking home. This just made it more interesting to watch and it also helps youunderstand the video more and what the people who made it wanted to get across.Do you think the Digipak relates to the style of artist portrayed in the video?I really like the front cover of the Digipak; I think the artist looks really pretty and the factthat they used the necklace on the front as they did in the video, gave me a good feelingwhen I knew that I recognised it. That itself built a connection with me as I feel like it’ssomething personal she has that she wants to share with her the people who see thevideo and the Digipak.
  7. 7. Name: Aaron LeeAge: 16Ethnicity: BritishSex: MaleOccupation: StudentHow did the video make you feel?I felt sorry for the girl who was attacked and the other girls who saw it and were friends withher.Did you understand the video?Yeah. The video made sense to me and it made me want to watch it again because I thoughtit was really good.What parts did you enjoy?I enjoyed all of it but I liked mostly when the singer was singer and the bit where the girl isscratching in the shower, it really makes you understand how nasty she feels about herself.What do you think needs improving?Nothing really, I just thought it was a really good video but I didn’t like the green backgroundon the singing parts much.Was there anything you found unclear?No I thought the video was pretty straightforward it’s just a lot to follow.Please explain your view on the relationship with the music, the artists and the actors?The music went really well with the video because there telling the same story. The actorslooked like they were really into it so much so that you kind of feel what they must’ve beenfeeling at the time. The artist also really looked like she was really into what she was singingabout and the fact that she looked teary really made me think about what they went through.Do you think the Digipak relates to the style of artist portrayed in the video?When I saw the album cover and the other stuff it really bought the whole thing together andmade me believe that it was actually her song. In saying that, the fact that the rapping takesup the majority of the song, doesn’t even matter anymore because in the Digipak she reallysells that this is her song and the rapper was working for her not the other way round. Theinterview was really good in the way that it felt like she was a normal person which you don’tget with lot artists in the industry. The style of the artist expressed really reminded me ofsomeone and I couldn’t put my finger on it until I watched the interview and she said EmeliSande which in my opinion is very true. Although their voices are like different, their stylesand personalities are really similar. I like the added touches to the Digipak and it does make itmore personal.
  8. 8. What we learnt from audience feedback? From the audience feedback I learnt that the changes we had to make in the beginning was extremely necessary for people to get the video. As the storyfollows three different people who are all connected in some way or another, it was crucial for us to make that clear to those who watch it. In terms of the Digipak, I’m glad that we did it in the way that we did because the whole point was to make it personal and that is exactly what we managed to do. We created a humble artist who we wanted to be down to earth and approachable by fans and everyone who we asked has said that with the Digipak they felt the personal touch and they felt that they easily got know the artist and what she is all about.