P.p question 3


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P.p question 3

  1. 1. Question 3 A showing to our class we used as audience feedback as they would be able to relate to what we had done, also the fact that most of the people in our class are 17 to 18 year olds. Furthermore I think this target audience is appropriate as they would beable to easily access the video online. Therefore we would financially benefit from this. Having teenagers as our target audience comes with a lot of controversy as they are the biggest audience to experience music through the internet for example YouTube, sharing music on Facebook and twitter, music channels such as last.fm, iTunes and other technologies and apps used by the iPhone. By using these technologies it makes it easier to allow them to share music with their friends, and encourage them to listen, meaning that the one song will have wide distribution. Also, when doing the research, we could see that the song would appeal to a heartbreak audiences, boys and girls who can relate to what it’s like growing up in a bad area. The story being told is a story that is intriguing to listen to and has an effective beginning, middle and end. The song relates to a target audience of abused women, so when shooting the video we had to make sure that the video portrayed her emotion.Putting the video on YouTube allowed others to comment, like or subscribe. Again, this spreads a wider audience as anyone canaccess it so therefore more people will have more of an opinion, which will benefit us in making our next video, as we would be able to use the comments to see what to include and not to include in the next video.In the video we used shots such as pinning the missing girl image on the tree, and showing the girl on the bed shivering looking like she is suffering from drug abuse, using these shots helped the audience know that the song is about girl facing difficulties as she’s growing up. Looking back at our audience feedback, I think I would change a few aspects of the video which would make it clearer to the audience as some of the audience members were confused as to what happened exactly to the girl. The following feedback we received : “Good shots. Good overall. Sublimenal messages. Lip syncing good” “Good. Intices you. Good performance.” “Good video. Good shots. Good song sync/choice” Following question we asked people related to our target audience: Question: Did you understand the video? Answer: When I watched it the first time, I didn’t quite understand as there was so much going on. However, it made me want to watch again for the second time, and when I did I fully understood what happened and paid more attention to the storyline and characters. Thought it was really good and intriguing. Question: How did the video make you feel? Answer: The video was really effective and I felt really sorry and sympathetic towards the main character.