P.p question 2..


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P.p question 2..

  1. 1. Question 2 When designing the digipac, we were advertising for the album of Lady Alexander whose style of music is pop/chart music, we wanted the album cover to suit the music video and capture the essence girl pop/chart music but while focusing on her voice, which is her main selling point. For example, the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna who use their attributes and personalities to sell their music by experimenting with makeup and clothes and dancing. Main image used for inspiration of Digipac Cover : We went for a strong, bold and simple look similar as the same effect and pose as Kelly Clarkson is doing in her album cover, as it shows off her facial expressions and goes well with the album covername. She staring directly at you in a strong female stance and looks confident as she’s doing this, giving the image that she isa strong female. We wanted to create a female star whose star image is simply about her voice, so this included using a close up image of her face on the digipack. The simplicity of this image promotes that she is not a gimmick act and wants to be known for her voice other than other traits that usually music stars go for example Beyoncé, Rihanna etc. We chose to focus the camera on the top half of her body in both the video and all parts of the digipac because we wanted to emphasise that sheds all about the voice and promote her non arrogant personality, also that she’s a role model for young girls to look uptoo. Also choosing a close up image of her in the video whilst singing the chorus makes her recognisable to the audience. Weused ‘a parental advisory sticker’ which we thought would be recognisable to our target audience, which are teenagers as this is mostly the music, that they buy into for example Eminem. We done more research in class by looking at Lana Del Rey’s born to die album cover. The image mostly represents her life and living on the age attitude where she stands tall and proud of her self and occupation. She represents the American dreams and the connotations that come with that, including anyone can make it and be successful. I felt that it looked attractive and eye catching for the target audience and also that it suited the overall style and colours of the video. The font we used – www.dafont.com – vladmir script 52 and vilvadi 26 – we went for this style as we thought it represented simplicity and elegance and truly represented who Lady Alexander is. The style of the writing fits in well with the picture which is positioned on the left side and the writing on the right. The writing also represents old school writing which also fitsin well with her personality as she doesn’t usually resemble a typical 21 st century pop star, but she does does resemble an old school star for example Macy Gray who she talks about in her interview that we created, effect why we chose it etc. We usedblack and white font with a glow around it, as we thought this effect was classy and simple, the contrast between black white and gold, made her stand out and we instantly are attracted to the jewellery on her hand which is a heart. This gives her an angelic-like feel, which we wanted to create as she’s a new artist who is trying to break the industry; this also gives her anedge as there is a lack of these kinds of artists who are out today. At the bottom of the page, we decided that we didn’t want to include the facebook and twitter logos as we felt that it didn’t tie in well with the colour scheme and it will let people ininvestigate further into the artist if they want to. Looking at other artist album covers we noticed that they also didn’t include the twitter and Facebook logos