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P.p question 1..

  1. 1. Evaluation Questions by Hayley SwiftQuestion 1 - Andrew GoodwinTHOUGHT BEATS – The story that the artist is expressing through their song. The visuals can be seen to aid thestory that the artist is voicing to us through the vocals of the song. Similar to a story telling technique.Synchronised beats to match the beats and the visuals in the song. For example, every beat and new scene willappear. This is an effective and sophisticated way of keeping your audience intrigued and eager to watch. Themusic video uses certain images to illustrate the meaning of the song lyrics and the genre.NARRATIVE AND PERFORMANCE – According to Goodwin ‘narrative and performance work together in order tokeep an audience interested and to not get bored of a music video’. We combined this into our musicvideo, according to the lyrics in the song a girl grows up in a poor background and is led down the wrongway, she gets raped and you see the downfall and destruction of her life. This is shown through the rappingparts of the song. However, during the chorus, there is a direct contrast between the two artists. Leanne isused to sing the chorus looking directly at the camera and miming. When the artist participates as a singer inthe music video this makes the video more authentic and original.STAR IMAGE – The character who played the choir girl in the song (the chorus). We wanted to make her lookunique and to suit the way she sang, because what she sang sounded somewhat simple and angelic, wewanted to keep her look plain and simple and focus more on her facial expressions while she wassinging, which was the most important part. The star image was portrayed on the digipac and all promotionalmaterial as her image and sound was the main selling point. We used many close-ups of the mainartist/vocalist.RELATION VISUALS TO SONG – Performance shots lip synced in order to create a believable artist. There arefrequent shots in the song that the lyrics symbolise the visual image.TECHNICAL ASPECTS OF MUSIC VIDEO – We used mainly natural lighting throughout the song, however somecolour palette changes at certain points during the songs for example the performance shot when the artist islip synching the lyrics, we used a green background to create a bright atmosphere, this is contrast to the songas we wanted to show that the artist represents a guardian angel who is optimistic and positive.