Evaluation of thriller opening Q1


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Evaluation of thriller opening Q1

  1. 1. 1 2 34 5 6 7 8 9
  2. 2. The first frame is the title of our film which is called “Fate’s print”. We chose this because the character in our film fatefully discovers a dead baby while he is in the woods. We also chose the word “Print” because it symbolises a small baby’s footprints and also the audience follows the characters journey into how the dead baby is discovered. The font colour of our film title is brown because it connotes to the audience that the film is going to be grimy and possibly located in the woods because mud is present there. We decided to use a black background film because we wanted to connote that our film is sinister and has a dark atmosphere; we also thought it would be more effective because the audience would be focusing on the title of our film hence making our film an enigma.
  3. 3. This second frame is an example of how we established the setting/location of our film. We did this by using a POV shot of the character looking at the woods. This is effective because it reinforces how isolated the character is in contrast to the massive woods. From pre production research we decided to chose the woods as our location because many thriller films choose deserted locations such as the movie “The Village”.In the next following shots we used slow panning shots of the other pathways the character can follow ,this reinforces the character’s sense of confusion at where he is and the audience connotes that the character entering the woods is in “unknown” terrority and that he is taking a dangerous risk from still pursuing travelling in the woods.
  4. 4. The third frame is one of many other examples of the Props and costumes we used in our opening and title sequence of our thriller film. In this frame it shows a close up on someones hands holding a bloody knife in a lit candle. We did this because we wanted the audience to be intrigued by what was going on and we were influenced by the title sequence of the Film “Seven” which also shows just a mystery person’s hands. This is effective because the use of a bloody knife and candles is commonly used in supernatural practices such as Voodoo and and witchcraft as part of human or animal sacrifice.The other props and costumes we also used to make the title sequence and opening of thriller were an African broom, draped African cloth, African masks and statues, incense, images of an eye and voodoo dolls and paint. These all were effective in demonstrating clearly to the audience that the theme of our thriller revolves around the supernatural.
  5. 5. The Fourth frame is an example of how we combined camera work and editing into the production of our movie. In this medium shot we used the technique of putting the camera in depth focus. We did this so camera could see the character in shallow focus; the tree in depth focus. We decided this would be effective because we wanted to create the atmosphere of the character being watched, stalked and also it highlights that in our storyline that something bad is going to happen to the character. In this shot we also added a harrowing , deep sound to compliment the tense, suspicious atmosphere which I think was very effective to keep the audience on the edge of their seats and be aware that something alarming is about to occur in the woods.
  6. 6.  The fifth frame is an example of how we incorporated using different title font and styles into our title sequence. As the role of editor I wanted the font to be simple but yet striking to the audience eyes as these other examples below show: As you can see the on certain letters the font creates a curly effect, hence the reason why we chose this because it gives, a “smoky” effect; a candle is used in the title sequence.
  7. 7. We decided that each member of the groups name would be in the same font and in the same colour (White) because we didnt want the font to be too distracting from the images in the title sequence; it would take away the effect of its importance. We chose an ancient style font because we wanted to link it to our movies theme of Voodoo which is also an ancient practice dating back as far as the 1700’s.We also tried to cleverly position/align the title font’s beside/on the images. .I think this worked effectively because it complimented the images and made the title sequence even more appealing to the audience because it gave an even tenser atmosphere.
  8. 8. Frame 6 is an example of how the opening of our thriller tells the story and how the opening establishes it. In this frame a low angle, close up on Jordans face is used . This establishes that Jordan is looking down at something and from his scared, shocked facial expression he looks hesitant and in complete disbelief to what he is seeing .This helps the audience establish that they should also be prepared to be frightened of what Jordans found. We chose to use a low angle because it gave the effect of the baby P.O.V staring back at him .
  9. 9.  Frame 7 shows an extreme close up of a dead baby covered in mud. This establishes that our movie is of a thriller genre as it follows the conventions of using close-ups-(specifically on facial features such as the eyes,hands,feet), extreme close up, over the shoulder shots all contribute to adding the fearful environment characters in thriller movies are in. We also chose to cover the babies face with mud to establish that the baby was obviously buried in mud therefore Jordan discovering the baby has “dug up” the mystery surrounding the dead baby which is the voodoo rituals and sacrifices, Which is shown in the last shot when he drops the tribal paper.
  10. 10.  Frame 8 is an example of how the character/s are introduced/established within our thriller movie. In this medium long shot Jordan can be seen walking into the woods. the costume that he is wearing which is jeans,coat,jumper and hat all establish that the character is a teenager because most teenagers wear casual clothing and our target audience is for 18 year olds ;so they can relate to the character which is an advantage because it makes the plot of our story more believable. Jordans body language gives the audience the impression that he feels vulnerable because his hands are deeply inside his coat pocket and his head is looking down .this is effective because it hints to the audience that Jordan may be a victim in our thriller movie.
  11. 11.  Finally, Frame 9 is one of many other examples of the special effects we used in our opening and Title sequence. Frame 9 shows that we used slow motion to show when Jordan falls .We did this to signal to the audience that this is the vital part in our movie when things turn out for the worst for Jordan and also we all agreed that it would be more appealing to the audiences eye instead of just showing Jordan fall .The other special effects we used within our movie were: things turn out for the worst for Jordan and also we all agreed that it would be more appealing to the audiences eye instead of just showing Jordan fall .The other special effects we used within our movie were: Cross dissolve, In depth focus ,black screens, time manipulation, and sound effects.