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Different tech2


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Different tech2

  1. 1. New Technologies The different technologies we used digitally and practically during themaking of our opening sequence and production of coursework.
  2. 2. ...the creation of moving and intriguing posters to present slideshows in a present different aspects moving fashion to make them of our work; videos, more visually interesting. photos and designs....where we converted the ...where all our work issound effects we needed digitally presented andfor our sequence to mp3 on display for others toformat. see. ...where we could find examples of all sorts of things for our power points can be coursework; from examples of viewed on the blog in the the genre to examples of the correct format. different shots used and how we can use them in our opening.
  3. 3. Final cut pro... Theprogramme we used toedit our piece and add This is the camera wesound and effects. used to shoot our opening sequence. We used this camera in a steady and handheld motion. This tripod we used to hold the Sound pro... The camera if we programme we used were shooting a sometimes to hear or cut still shots. down our sound before putting it on to final cut pro.