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Diary of filming


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Diary of edit and film

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Diary of filming

  1. 1. Diary of FilmingWednesday 22nd February 2012Today was the first day we were able to film afterthe half term which we couldn’t do as a lot ofmembers we were unable to get hold of. Today wasstressful and manic at first as this was our lastchance to film and our camera person wasn’tpresent. Once we had sorted that issue out we wereable to start filming the box scene. We seteverything in up in the green room as the dramastudio was occupied by another class and it workedreally well. We were able to get the room darkenough so that the only light source was candle lightwhich we safely used without the fire alarms goingoff. Once we had set up the box and all theprehistoric material around it, we were ready toshoot in a handheld motion and it came out the waywe wanted it. About 2 hours later we went outsideand shot the scene with our actress afterretrieving the dress and fake blood that we had
  2. 2. Diary Of Editing Wednesday 29th February 2012 We started editing later then everyone else because wecouldn’t film as early but once we started only three groupmembers were present. We have never had a session where allthe group members have been available to participate at thesame time. There were a few complications with our footage asthere were a lot of glitches due to a conversion that had to takeplace because I was unaware that you could not put the memoryin a PC as the files are different to a Mac. Once that hadsorted which took up most of the time, with the little time wehad left we had to try and sort through the footage we did anddidn’t want. We got rid of some of it but because of a bit ofconflict between the group we didn’t get to finish this task.
  3. 3. Diary Of Editing 2 Friday 2nd March 2012 Today was the second day of editing where all group memberswere present except one. Continuing with the discarding offootage from the last session, we managed to narrow down whatfootage were the definite ones that we were going to use. Wemanaged to put them together as a rough cut on the timeline butthe glitches still occurred until we rendered it all. This was aload off our shoulders otherwise we would’ve had to shoot all over again. The rough-cut took us a while and we were not able to stay behind for along as most lecturers with access to the editing suite had to leave.Nonetheless we managed to add a few titles and figure out how add sounds and effects for the next stage of our construction.