Diaries of shooting


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Diaries of shooting

  1. 1. Diaries of Shooting Saskia Calliste
  2. 2. Friday 19th October 2012What we did?• We did a RECCE of the places we were going to shoot• Make-up trial run on KellyWhat went well?• We were able to settle quickly on those locations• The make-up came out really well on camera and video and looked realisticWhat could’ve been better?• The kitchen we wanted to use was too small so we had to cut the kitchen out of our production due to hazardous reasons
  3. 3. Tuesday 25th October 2012What did we do?• Me, Leanne and Tamara met at Weald College at 10:30am• We went to the green screen room and I did Leanne’s make up for the lip syncing scenes which took 2 hours• We spent the rest of the day until 15:00pm practicing the lip syncing scenes and shooting them until we had the right shotsWhat Went Well?• We managed to get the shots that we needed• The lip syncing was on point and no corrections needed to be made• The make- up looked good on camera and directions were understoodWhat could’ve been done better?• Positioning of the lighting could’ve been more accurate against the green screen• All members of the group could’ve been there
  4. 4. Sunday 4th November 2012What did we do?• All of us met up at harrow hill at 11:00am• We shot the establishing character scenes• We attempted to shoot the attack scene• We took photos as well as videos for the RECCEWhat Went Well?• We shot all we needed to• There was a lot of footage so we had plenty to choose from• All group members were there• We were able to adapt ideas which worked better than the originals• The morning sun looked good against the camera and the shots we needed for the artistWhat could’ve gone better?• It started raining heavily• The traffic was not sympathetic to our needs• Acting skills were not great at first• Shooting the attack scene was not effective nor practical in the setting we had planned• Badly lit alley way• Disruption in some of the shots
  5. 5. Wednesday 14th November 2012What We Did?• We took pictures of Kelly to corporate in the missing posters that we made• We shot Tamara’s house scenes and her before and after reactions to the attack• The Preston pub scenes of establishing mine and Kelly’s friendship• Mine and Tamara’s scenes in Harrow of posting up missing posters and arguing over Kelly being missingWhat went well?• Well organised• We got a lot done in that day and did not feel the need for a reshoot• All of us were there• We worked well together and everyone co-operated and input ideas when necessaryWhat could’ve been better?• Today was a good day and I don’ t think that anything could’ve gone better
  6. 6. Friday 16th November 2012What did we do?• We met up at 12.00 noon at Harrow Bus Station• We went to Borehamwood to Kelly’s House to shoot her characters declineWhat went well?• We got a lot of footage and a variety of shots• The costumes and props were appropriate to the characters new personaWhat could’ve gone better?• We had to keep adjusting the lights throughout the footage• A lot of takes had to be done in certain scenes as it kept getting wrongly interpreted
  7. 7. Wednesday 21st November 2012What we did?• We shot in the drama studio Kelly’s reactions to her attack in a different way to what we originally plannedWhat went well?• We managed to create better effects than what we had anticipated• Facial expressions were more emotive than previous scenes• Camera angles and shadow effect gave greater depth to the shots meaningWhat could’ve been better?• One of our group members left the course and a lot of the work went with her so we had to trace it down
  8. 8. Friday 25th January 2013What we did?• Took pictures of our artist for the Digipak• Performed an interview• Performed a preview for the artists new song and recorded back stage footage as well as took pictures• Staged photo shoots for contents of the Digipak• Looked over photos and finalised them for the main product• Edited using photo shop the cover of the album the poster and the back coverWhat went well?• We managed to get through everything really quickly• We were well organised and used our time productively• The photos came out well• We were able to pick up using Photo Shop fairly quicklyWhat could’ve been better?• More focused at times• All members could’ve been there• Time in the editing suite to get started