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Audience research 1


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Audience research 1

  1. 1. Audience Research:Expectations of a Thriller Saskia Calliste
  2. 2. What is Expected?• The word ‘thrill’ comes from the word ‘thriller’ which is a key element to contain whilst making a thriller to be watched by ANY audience.• Thrills which include excitement, suspense and terror are most popular among viewers.• A good, gripping storyline is a key element to a thriller film. It allows the makers of the film to explore this creatively structured genre in order to make it as exhilarating as possible.• In many ways with thriller films, what’s expected is the unexpected. This gives the audience the shock factor which adds to the excitement of the whole thriller experience.
  3. 3. Profile Of Our Target Audience! Rating: Viewers for our film must be 18+ this is because of the violence and theme of evil spirits, witches and the devil. Thriller films establish a creative story line which often involves plot twists which raise enigmas among the audience. Thrillers connect with the audience by turning ancient myths, everyday questions and real life situations into movies that allow people to see them in a different light.Why people watch them and how they feel towards them? People watch thrillers because they enjoy the enticing feeling it gives them alongside the fear of the unknown which adds to the thrills of being in characters shoes which is shown through a lot of different camera work like POV shots. The way people react to the thriller is normally based on the actions and the mentality of the character and the journey they go on with the audience.