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IworX web brochure


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IworX web brochure

  1. 1. Web-based building management made easy
  2. 2. iWorx. Flexible and cost effective.iWorx from Taco Electronic iWorx can reduce equipment system on-site or through a web-Solutions is the first affordable operating and maintenance costs enabled device.web-based building management, while maximizing building comfortmonitoring and control system and owner asset value. You no longer have to feel likedesigned specifically for the you’re being held hostage by alight commercial and high-end Freedom from controls giant for the life of theresidential markets. proprietary platforms building just to get the advanced Every iWorx controller is ready system performance and costiWorx delivers a flexible, easily- to run out of the box. The LON- control you desire.scalable means of complete based, open protocol backbonebuilding control for both single of iWorx features application- and Self-configuringlocations and multi-building, equipment-based controllers that controllersmulti-site installations from retail are pre-programmed. There’s When new devices are introduced,stores, offices and restaurants to no software to buy or learn, no the menu-driven, touch-screenapartments, religious buildings complicated field commissioning, controller (LCI-2) recognizesand single family residences. As and no subscriptions to buy. and integrates them into thea single source, fully integrated Just input set points then start system automatically. With one-HVAC system control package, controlling and monitoring the touch integration adding more The architecture
  3. 3. scalable nature allows them to be mixed and matched to handle the demands of almost any light commercial or high-end residential system. Energy monitoring For new energy applications and multiple unit buildings we have gone one step further: BTU Metering. Now heat metering can be seamlessly integrated as part of an iWorx system, helping to preserve the building owner’s asset value.iWorx controllers is as simple as Manage your systemconnecting a USB device to your from anywherehome or office PC. iWorx allows you to take total control over energy usage and Typically, an HVAC equipment operation from iWorx system any web-enabled PC. Since iWorx consists of an is built around thin client web LCI-2 local access you get the exact same controller look, feel and control ability over plus one the system and its components or more from anywhere in the world. iWorx equipment can even notify you or anyone youspecific controllers and/or sensors choose via e-mail, phone or textlinked via a 2-wire, 24 volt, non- message in the event of a systempolarity sensitive LonWorks problem or Connection to theinternet is made through the LCI-2. At last, air & water play nice! BTU metering allows for iWorx controllers are available the cost of heat to be fairly for a broad range of HVAC and divided up amongst tenants hydronic based applications based on actual usage while and functions. There are iWorx also encouraging energy controls for modulating, staged conservation. Some studies or single boiler control, for snow indicate an energy use reduction melt, radiant zones and mixing of at least 20 percent basedControllers are also available with control, or even for operating on “user incentive” to conservean iView™ display which allows forced air furnaces, air handlers, energy. With a BTU meteringfor easy programming right at the VAV’s and chillers, to name a option, cost-saving systempiece of equipment and can be few. iWorx controller’s one-touch designs like a centralized boilerused in a stand-alone capacity or integration, pre-programmed plant with a single gas meteras part of the network. software functionality and easily can be more easily employed as part of the building’s design.
  4. 4. Selection & specification materials, sequence of operations, iWorx systems are a significantmade easy – online! associated instruction manuals means to expand their businessWe’ve created an online iWorx and complete job specifications. with integrated HVAC and smartSelection Wizard for contractors building control products andand design engineers that lets you Exceptional value, services into the new energy,create and specify iWorx projects terrific opportunity mixed HVAC and hydronic systemin minutes. Just answer a few For owners and managers of markets.simple questions about the type smaller commercial buildings,of job and the iWorx Selection iWorx provides affordable big- Visit us online.Wizard does the rest. In minutes, building intelligent control Learn more about iWorx atyou have a complete submittal capabilities in a modular, scalable, that includes wiring easy-to-use, internet-enabledand air flow diagrams, bill of system. For HVAC contractors, ©Taco Catalog #500-1.0 Effective Date: 04/13/10 Supersedes: New Taco Electronic Solutions, Inc., 1160 Cranston Street. Cranston, RI 02920 / (401) 942-8000 / Fax (401) 942-2360 Taco (Canada) Ltd., 8450 Lawson Road, Unit #3, Milton, Ontario L9T 0J8 / (905) 564-9422 / Fax (905) 564-9436 Printed in the USA • iWorX and iView are trademarks of Taco, Inc. • Taco Electronic Solutions is a subsidiary of Taco. Inc. © 2010 Taco Electronic Solutions, Inc. • LON, LONWORKS, & LONMARK are trademarks of Echelon Corporation