Import Vs Domestic Cast Iron Pipe & Fitting


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Import Vs Domestic Cast Iron Pipe & Fitting

  1. 1. The Facts Cast Iron Soil Pipe & Fittings Domestic vs Import • CISPI is an exclusive and closed marketing association, whose members are comprised of the two remaining domestic pipe manufacturers, Tyler Pipe and Charlotte Pipe. • Unlike IAPMO, ASTM or UL, CISPI is not an independent listing and testing agency with hundreds of quality control engineers and thousands of members. • Many have been led to believe that the CISPI 301 standard is the only acceptable standard for cast iron soil pipe and fittings. • It is one of two nationally recognized standards. • CISPI recognizes the ASTM A-888 as an equal and alternate quality standard. • CISPI accepts the listing and compliance certificates issued by IAPMO. • CISPI members have their products tested by IAPMO R&T, and evaluated for compliance with ASTM A-888. • A spec allowing only pipe with the CISPI logo is restrictive and eliminates the essential variable called competition, and all of its associated benefits. It creates a pure monopoly.
  2. 2. The CISPI Handbook
  3. 3. Page 8 of the CISPI Handbook ….accordance with the ASTM A888 or CISPI 301 Hubless cast iron soil pipe and fittings are simply pipe and fittings manufactured without a hub, in accordance with the ASTM A888 or CISPI 301. CISPI clearly accepts the ASTM A-888 as an equal alternative The key operative word is or.
  4. 4. CISPI Approved specifications ASTM A-888-06
  5. 5. Food for Thought • The “domestic only” spec is singularly exclusive to cast iron soil pipe and fittings used in waste drain and vent system. Not applicable to: • The copper pipes, drinking fountains or faucets that carry the potable water that we drink • The coils, fans and louvers in a HVAC system that moves the air that we breathe • The regulators and manifolds in a medical gas system delivering life saving oxygen • The steel pipe that delivers natural gas to heat our buildings and hot water. • Consider the storm of protests that would certainly meet any attempt to require all of the above materials to meet the “domestic only” criteria.
  6. 6. Walmart Removed the “domestic only” language December 2006
  7. 7. Matco Norca Listing Certificate from IAPMO
  8. 8. Call to Action Would you consider? • Leveling the playing field • Why? Allow competition and the free market system to exert their influence as it does with every other product • How? Remove the “domestic only” and “must have the CISPI logo” language from the spec for this project and your Master Spec. • Replacing it with the following: ….the cast iron pipe and fittings shall meet the CISPI 301 or ASTM A-888 quality standard and shall be listed and certified by IAPMO. Thank you for considering this matter Ra Puriri Trade Warrior Consulting Matco Norca Representitive 435-229-2229