Student contract 9th grade


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Student contract 9th grade

  1. 1. INTENSIVE READING & ENGLISH I 2011-2012CREW LEADER: MS. ALLENe-mail: put period in the subject line, so I canrespond faster.)CLASS RULES: CONSEQUENCES:1. BE RESPECTFUL: Treat others the way you wish to be treated 1. 1 Offense Verbal Warning st2. BE ON TIME: You are to be in your seat prior to the bell ringing ready to 2. 2 Offense Verbal Warning + Conduct Cut nd start the lesson for the day, NOT walking through the door. 3. 3 Offense Conduct Cut+ Parent Contact rd3. BE PREPARED: You are required to bring materials necessary for effective 4. 4 Offense Conduct Cut + Parent Conference th class instruction. 5. 5 Offense Conduct Cut + Referral th4. RAISE YOUR HAND: You must receive permission before leaving your seat orCLASS MATERIALS: speaking out in class5. NO GAMES/CELL PHONES ALLOWED: Save your video games and ball skillsNotebook: Three-ring binderPaper your own time. Do not throw any items in class or bring games to class. forBlue or Blackbe confiscated and turned into the office for parental pick (They will Pen/Pencil up)This also includes cell phones.Novel6. supplies must DISMISSES YOU NOT everyBELL: Leaving class withoutAll THE TEACHER be brought to class THE period. permission will result in a zero for all class assignments given during theNOTEBOOK: immediate parent contact. period, andThe notebook must include a copy of the following hand outs: Class Syllabus Correct Heading ExampleDividers: English: Bellringers/Reading/Vocabulary/FCAT/ Writing-Grammar Reading: Bellringers/Reading/VocabularyFCAT / G-Word Vocabulary (Gladiator Word of the Day Vocabulary)Notebook Checks will be made periodically throughout the year. The Notebook grade will count as a class work assignmentand will be based on notes taken and organization.TESTS & QUIZZES: 30% 1 of 4
  2. 2. Tests are given at the end of each unit, and will be announced in advance. Notebooks, notes, texts or any other study guides will not bepermitted during tests.Quizzes are given daily. Students are allowed to use their notebooks only on the quiz. Quizzes are given at the beginning of each period. Ifa student is tardy to class unexcused, that student will receive a zero on the quiz given. 1. Tests or quizzes received without a name, date and period will receive a zero. 2. If directions are not followed, then the answer given will be considered incorrect. 3. Any questions left unanswered will be marked as wrong. 4. Prepare in advance for tests and quizzes by paying attention, taking notes, completing class work and home learning assignments, and coming regularly to class. 5. Check over all answers before turning in your test. 6. THERE IS NO TALKING, NO COPYING OR ANY DISRUPTIONS OF ANY KIND DURING THE TEST. THE TEACHER WILL AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME THE STUDENT IS CHEATING AND THE STUDENT WILL RECEIVE A ZERO ON THE TEST OR QUIZ.CLASSWORK/HOMELEARNING: 30% 1. All assignments must be:  Neat  Include the correct heading (Name, date, period and assignment title, subject and page number.)  Turned into the assignment bin when completed. (Once the assignment has been turned in, it will be graded as is.) 2. Students who are absent are responsible for obtaining the work that was miss three days from the absence at the Make-Up Work Station, and must turn in that work within five days from the absence. All missing assignments count as zeroes. 3. All late assignments and unexcused absence make up work will receive an immediate grade deduction. 4. NO MAKE UP WORK WILL BE GIVEN TO STUDENTS PRESENT DURING CLASS INSTRUCTION. 5. Each student will be responsible for being the “Class Secretary”, when it is your turn to record what was done in class for the day, if done correctly, you will receive a classwork grade A or F.READING REQUIREMENTSTUDENTS MUST COMPLETE 2 NOVELS EACH NINE WEEKS 1. STUDENTS MUST READ 30 MINUTES EVERY NIGHT!!! 2. The 2 novels should be documented in the PERSONAL READING PLAN.PERSONAL READING PLAN 1. Students will keep a personal reading plan in class documenting the novels read. 2. Each nine weeks, the student should document 2 novels read, and what CREATIVE BOOK REPORT chosen to display your reading. 3. The personal reading plan will be graded towards the nine weeks average.CREATIVE BOOK REPORTS 1. Students will be required to complete two CREATIVE BOOK REPORTS each 9 weeks and will receive two project grades. 2 of 4
  3. 3. 2. Student is responsible for reading and completing CREATIVE BOOK REPORTS before the end of the 9 weeks. If no CREATIVE BOOK REPORTS are completed before the progress reports, then it will be calculated in the grade for none.READING PLUS 1. Students are to complete 3 Sessions of Reading Plus each week for homelearning. 2. Reading Plus assignments are worth 2 Homelearning grades. 3. Although there are times when students will be assigned sessions in reading plus during class time, those instances are not considered part of the 3 Reading Plus sessions to be completed for homelearning. 4. Reading Plus will be checked Monday, unless school schedule requires another day.SUMMER READING REQUIREMENT 1. Students were given the Summer Reading Requirements in May-June 2011; however, students may turn in their creative book report by the end of the First Nine Weeks. Anytime afterwards will not be collected. 2. Student will turn in the two creative book reports written about the novels they chose to read during the summer. 3. Failure to complete the Summer Reading Book Reports will result in a zero for each novel not read. (2 novels total)ESSAYS/PROJECTS: 35% 1. Must follow the rubric (grading criteria) given to receive full credit. 2. Must be turned in on time. 3. All essays must include a planning page. 4. All essays will be scored/graded using the 6 point grading scale. 5. Essays/Projects will NOT be accepted more than one week late.PARTICIPATION: 5% 1. Students will receive participation points for class involvement. 2. Returning notification signed by parent.GRADING POLICY:Every assignment is given a percentage score, the academic grade is assessed as follows:100%-90% = A 79%-70% = C Sadly, 59%- 0% = F89%-80% = B 69%-60% = D 3 of 4
  4. 4. SYLLABUS AND CLASS RULES ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI acknowledge that I have received the class rules for the course listed below. I have had the rules,procedures, and expectations explained to me and I understand them. Course Name: INTENSIVE READING & ENGLISH I Instructor: Kia Y. Allen Student Name: _____________________ Signature _____________________ Parent Name: ______________________ Signature _____________________ Parent e-mail ________________________________________ Parent phone number _________________________________ Date:_____________________________ 4 of 4