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Feb 19


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Feb 19

  1. 1. Today:  Warm-Up  Alt.Khan here,/Regular Khan; start today, not Saturday, or not not at all  Monomials: • Definition • Multiplying Monomials  Test Tuesday: Products & Quotients of Exponents
  2. 2. Unit 8 Topics
  3. 3. Warm-Up Section of Notebook
  4. 4. Warm-Up
  5. 5. Vocabulary & Formulas Section of Notebook
  6. 6. Monomials Definition: Mono-- The prefix means one. A monomial is an expression with one term. In the equations unit, we said that terms were separated by a plus sign or a minus sign! Therefore: A monomial CANNOT contain a plus sign (+) or a minus (-) sign!
  7. 7. Monomials Examples of Monomials:
  8. 8. Multiplying Monomials When you multiply monomials, you will need to perform two steps: •Multiply the coefficients (constants) •Multiply the variables A simple problem would be: (3x2)(4x4) And the answer is: 12x6 Remember, the bases are the same, so you add the exponents
  9. 9. Practice Problem Section of Notebook
  10. 10. Multiplying Monomials
  11. 11. Multiplying Monomials
  12. 12. Multiplying Monomials
  13. 13. Multiplying Monomials
  14. 14. Multiplying Monomials
  15. 15. Multiplying Monomials Now, complete the rest of the problem.
  16. 16. Multiplying Monomials
  17. 17. Multiplying Monomials Class Work: #20 is extra credit only. Add the following problems to the handout: Tomorrow: Focus on Dividing Monomials