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  1. 1. Dates to Remember Wash Khan AcademyClothes Khancut the Academy Grass
  2. 2. Warm-Up1. Is the following a proportion? Why or why not: 18/3 = 96/242. Solve: 3 + y = -y 4 63. Students at MHS go to school 180 out of the 365 daysin a non leap year. What percent of the year is this?
  3. 3. Proportions The shadow of a 4 ft. tall mailbox is 3 ft. long. If the shadow of a tree is 36 ft. long, how tall is the tree? height height = shadow shadow 4 H 3 = 36 You must be careful to place the same quantities in corresponding144 = 3H positions in the proportionH = 48The tree is 48 ft. tall 4
  4. 4. Are the Ratios Proportions?Simplify to tell whether the ratios are equivalent.
  5. 5. Unit Conversions
  6. 6. Ratios vs. Rates A ratio is the comparison of two different numbers.Solve: The basketball team won 7 games and lost 4 games. A. What is the ratio of wins to losses? B. What Percent of its games has the team won. (What is its win Percent?)In a ratio, if the numerator and denominator are measured indifferent units then the ratio is called a rate. You can travel 1200 miles on 60 gallons of gas. This rate is expressed as: 1200 miles/ 60 gal.A unit rate is a rate in which the second quantity is 1. Like 60miles per 1 hour. In the above example, what is the Unit? Whatis the unit rate?
  7. 7. Comparing Unit Rates
  8. 8. Ratios vs. Rates
  9. 9. Ratios Involving Measurement1. Express the ratio 6 feet to 15 inches as a fraction in simplest form.Six feet = 72 in. Simplify 72/15; the answer is 24/5*Change the larger unit to the smaller one. 3 pints = 6cups. The ratio is now 6 cups to 2 cups. Simplify to: 3/1
  10. 10. . Class Work: Pages 62-63: Odd/Even**Page 66: Odd; do 3, 5, 7 Even; do 4, 6, 8**Page 65: Odd; do 3, 5, 9 Even; do 2, 6, 8