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Tata Sky

  1. 1. Tata Sky Complaints - Faults & problemsReview all Tata Sky complaintsTata SkyPosted: 2007-06-22 by Deepak Bahl [send email]Faults & problemsComplaint Rating: After a lot of Salesmanship & persuasions from your Marketing guys, I finally decided to invest in 3 Tata Sky Connections. That time your staff told me that my life would change after that. We then bought the 3 Connections & our Lives turned to WORSE after that due to several Faults & Problems in your systems.First of all let me tell you what I was PROMISED:1) World Class Sat TV Service2) 24 Hrs Help Available 3) My Life will become Jhinga Lala4) All my Cable TV Problems (3Connections) be over.5) 24 Hrs Clear Digital Reception- NO DISRUPTION, Guaranteed. We were quite impressed with the Promises & we disconnected our 3 Cable Connections & invested in 3 Tata Sky Connections. But alas from the verySecond Day The TRAUMA & TENSIONS started as Follows:1) The Installer did not fix the Dish/Antenna on our Roof Properly, so the Pictures started distorting. We called your Help Line, but they could not sort the Problem on Phone, so we had to wait till next day for your mechanic to come & rectify the fault. So 24 Hours without Tata Sky.2) Whenever there is a Medium breeze blowing or even a slight drizzle or the start of Rain, all the Channels start getting distorted. Again we call up your help line several times for this peculiar problem, but they could not help. They kept on telling us to check the Signal Strength, take out the Digi Card & put it back again after switching off the TV for a few minutes, etc. Oooofh! What a waste of Time & Energy! Two of your Executives even accepted that this Problem is there in Tata Sky that whenever the Rain Starts or a strong Breeze starts, the TV Pictures get distorted. Shocking isn't it?3) The WORST is yet to come. Continuously All thru 24 Hours some kind of Coded Labels/Stickers keep appearing on the Screen of all our TV's. Some of the Labels are: 00063130, 000CC966, 18604256633, 000.508.5179-9, 01500191715, etc. These Labels/Stickers keep appearing at all crucial places on the Screen, sometimes blocking an important part of the Screen. Eg: (a) A question is asked by the Quiz Master and as soon as the answer appears on the screen, the Label blocks a part of the answer for No Rhyme or Reason. (b) A beautiful Lady/actress is dancing in one of the Channel programmes, suddenly one of the Labels appear on her face or Chest, spoiling the scene for the Viewers. It's really disgusting at Times, when you are watching Intensely. On Calling up your Help line they showed their inability to rectify this, as it was Signal Testing/Piracy test going on & it comes from Chennai. Sir, why so many different kinds of Labels, so many times- virtually thru the day & night to Test your Signals etc? And why are these Labels coming in or around the Centre of the Screen?? If you want to check your signal or piracy etc-then do it on the 4 corners of the Screen & not in the Centre areas PLEASE.4) My old Mother aged about 80 years is so much fed up with these problems that she has removed the Sky TV cable & restored her old Cable TV connection. She could not cope up with your so-called Modern Technology hazards creating Depression & Anxiety faced during Prime Time Viewing. She has asked me to convey to you that you should inform your Customers of these Shortcomings before they take your Connections -IF ONE WANTS TATA SKY CONNECTION THEN HE SHOULD NOT ALLOW RAIN OR STRONG BREEZE TO COME NEAR HIS/HER HOUSE, HE SHOULD BE READY TO WAIT FOR 24 HOURS TILL HELP COMES TO RECTIFY THE DEFECTS, HE SHOULD ENJOY THE DIFFERENT LABELS & STICKERS APPEARING ON THE TV SCREEN AS A PART OF ENTERTAINMENT, HE SHOULD NOT DESERVE HIS FAVOURITE CHANNELS LIKE SAHARA SAMAY, ZOOM ETC. HE SHOULD ALSO HAVE A CABLE CONNECTION AS STAND BY EVERY TIME THE TATA SKY GIVES PROBLEMS & FINALLY, TATA SKY IS MEANT ONLY FOR YOUNG PEOPLE NOT OLDIES.5) Though promised but you have yet not installed favorite Channels like- Zoom, Sahara Samay, CTVN, Taaza TV, etc which are very popular in this part of the Country-maybe not in Chennai. We are still waiting in the Sea of HOPE as promised by your Executives & agents.6) Even Yesterday your Signals went off Three Times during the Day including at 12 Noon & 3 pm and restored after app 10-20 mts each time. In fact we rushed to our Mothers TV as she was watching her Cable connection, which was clear.I am a heart patient suffering from severe cervical Spondilitis & I am really fed up on these Shortcomings of yours. So I approach you to take Immediate Action as follows:A) Please Stop displaying your Signal Stickers/Labels anywhere on the Screen, except on the Corners.B) Rectify the fault of Distortions due to Rain/ Strong Breeze problems.C) Include the Favorite Channels like ZOOM, Sahara Samay, CTVN, Taaza TV etc. Failing which please disconnect my Tata Sky Connections & Refund me the Entire Money.I had Full faith in all Tata Companies as I myself worked with them for 15 Long years, but today I am loosing Faith & Confidence in this new Venture – Tata Sky. I am sure Mr. Rattan Tata is not aware of these Shortcomings otherwise he would not have tolerated these Nuisances. There are many others who are facing these problems but they choose not to complain now, but they will surely do it later when they get fed up and then you will face the problem of eroding your Customer Base. You have a tough competition & you must provide Best of Services to retain your Market Share. Please do Respond with Corrective Action taken as I am interested in YOUR Prosperity & Image, being an ex TATA Employee. Some of the Complaint Nos are: 1-471408632.27/5, 402073875, 1-445234917 etc. Surprisingly These Complaint Nos do not follow any Pattern & are not systematic. I AM IN COMPLETE TENSION AS SEVERAL COMPLAINTS TO THEM HAVE BROUGHT neither RELIEF NOR EVEN A REPLY... Deepak Bahl<br />More Tata Sky complaints<br /> Tata Sky - Refruished Products- Defect Tata Sky - Wrong information from customer service Tata Sky - Relocation harassment! Tata Sky - Fraudulent charges! Tata Sky - No online renewal Tata Sky - duping people Tata Sky - Poor service! Tata Sky - Funny Credit System Tata Sky - degrading tata brand Tata Sky - Poor service<br /> How good is Tata Sky DTH?<br />Tata Sky DTH is one of the pioneering DTH services in India. Among the first few DTH players TataSky was launched in 2006. Tata Sky is a joint venture between the Tata Group of companies and the Star Group. This DTH service (best DTH service in India) makes use of the brand name UK owned SKY TV. Though Tata Sky is one of the earliest DTH players, you can find Tata Sky in relatively few homes in India. The obvious reason is the cost. While all the other DTH service providers (Are DTH Service Providers Tricking The Customers?) modified their pricing structure to the expectations of the Indian TV viewers, Tata Sky is yet to match the expectations of the Indian mass. It tries to survive through expensive advertisements. It is yet to penetrate the market. As more number of DTH service providers come into the market it is only going to get difficult for Tata Skyto get the market share and to penetrate further. The new players will make their services more enticing and also cheaper to get hold of the market as they enter like what Sun Direct DTH did. Unless Tata Sky reduces its cost it will find the battle really tough. It is best to do it now rather than wait for the new players like Videocon come into the picture.In terms of service and support Tata Sky offers reasonable services though it is not top notch. In 2008, it introduced recording facility to its services. With this new feature we can record up to 45 hours of video and watch it anytime. They hoped that this would offer them a breakthrough in the market. But again cost was one of the major constraining factors. This was primarily targeting the affluent and the elite. This group forms only a minor portion of the television viewers in India. The majority of TV fans in India belong to the middle class families so if any DTH service provider (BIG TV is THE WORST DTH SERVICE PROVIDER) is wants to capture the market, they will have to target the middle class families. One of the hallmarks of Tata Sky is that it has many interactive services. Those who can afford the high price can indeed enjoy these active services. Some of the active services include the following – Actve Mall, Actve Wizkids, Actve Stories, Actve Learning, Actve Topper, Actve Games, Actve Darshan, Actve Sports, Actve Matrimony, Actve Cooking, Actve Astrology, Actve Star News etc. These interactive services try to cater to all age groups and people with varied taste. This gives really a nice touch to the packages of Tata Sky. In terms of channel packages, Tata Sky needs little more flexibility. Little more thinking needs to be put into the forming of these packages. Interestingly, the Superbrand council has chosen Tata Skyas the Super Brand for 2009-2010. There are number of customers that complain about poor picture quality by Tata Sky. So before throwing in your money try to find a friend who already uses TataSky and proceed if he or she recommends it.<br />Tata sky is very costly, having costly packages (monthly and yearly).Tata sky have less no of channels in all.Less regional channelsless music channels (Lack of good music channels).Most of the interactive services are paid.No offers for new subscribers.<br />