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Khushi Muhammad Resume


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Khushi Muhammad Resume

  1. 1. Khushi Muhammad (Bachelor in Computer Sciences) OObbjjeeccttiivveess To utilize my recent education acquired to secure a challenging position within a dynamic and challenging organization where I can contribute to the growth of both, the company and myself. AAccaaddeemmiicc QQuuaalliiffiiccaattiioonnss 2008 – 2012 B.Sc in Computer Sciences Weighted Average Result: 2.95 CGPA University of Engineering and Technology 2006 – 2008 Intermediate (F.S.C) (Result: 80.12%) Government College Township, Lahore 2004 – 2006 Matriculation (Result: 83.42%) Divisional Public School, Township, Lahore SSkkiillllss PPrroojjeeccttss  Railway Management System Tools: Turbo C++, OOP  Configuration & Working of Intrusion Detective System Tools: Snort, Sax 2  Booklay (Web Application of books(Sale,Purchase)) Tools: Netbeans, JSP, MySQL  Medical Inventory System Tools: MySQL  Web Application of guns Tools: PHP, MySQL & .NET  Advance Calculator Tools: Android, Eclipse  AIMHIGH (Advanced Shooting Simulator) Tools: OpenCV, OpenGL, SQL Server Contact Information Permanent Address House#364, Block#4, Sector C-2, Township, Lahore - Post Code 54000 PAKISTAN. Phone (Res.) +92 (042)-35122764 Mobile 03224720203 Email  Unix/Linux Administration  Solaris  Nagios Monitoring  Solar winds NMS  OpenNMS Monitoring  Server Installation and configuration  Xymon Server Installtion/Monitoring  Amazon Cloud Administration  OS Hardening  Centreon  Patching  JavaScript/JQuery  Auditing  Troubleshooting  Documentation  Linux/Solaris Server Management
  2. 2. EExxppeerriieennccee 2016 –Present Executive IT System Admin in Waridtel 2014 –2016 Linux System Administrator in Red Signal 2013 – 2014 System/Network Engineer in Simple Software Solutions 2012 – 2013 Associate System Administrator in i2c inc. (Innovative Pakistan) 7.4 months 2012 Internship in Al-Khawazmi (UET Lahore) as Web Developer 2 months 2010 Internship in PTCL 1 month EExxppeerriieennccee DDeettaaiillss   Enterprise NMS using Nagios, Centreon, OpenNMS, Zabbix, Munin, Cacti, Monitorix, Xymon administration & monitoring.  Installation, configuration, troubleshooting and management of Solaris Servers both with x86 and Sparc architectures.  Manage Servers/Network in Linux environment. Install, configure and deploy Linux Flavors (RED HAT, Centos, Fedora Debian, Ubuntu, Open SUSE etc)  DTrace, Patch Management, Syslog, NTP, BART, Apache, Nginx, Postfix, Dovecot, Squirrel Mail IPMP, SFTP, Firewall, Bash Scripting, Cronjob, Users account management.  Linux Malware Detect, OS Hardening, Security, Auditing, Patching on linux & solaris servers.  Plan and implement data security by file permissions, back up and disaster recovery plans.  Troubleshoot networks, systems and applications to identify and correct malfunctioning and other operational difficulties  Resolve local network/system issues.  Configuration and set-up of all new server systems required internally for the company's activities  OS hardening and Patching  Backup, security management, user account management, e-mail systems including internet access, office systems and applications support.  Server backup using rsync  Perform daily system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system and application logs, and verifying completion of scheduled jobs  Installation of FFMPEG, MemCached, Redix, Varnish, KISOK on Ubuntu with Google Chrome  Vulnerability scanning of Networks, Web Applications and high end online systems  Configuration of switches & routers. (LAN, WAN)  Installation and configuration of Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server.
  3. 3.  Wordpress Multi-Lang, Plugins, Security, Multi-Sites Wordpress Hosting  RackSpace/Amazon Cloud Administration (EC2, S3, Load Balancing, Auto-Scaling, Route 53)  Installation and configuration of Web Server Apache, MySQL, PHP, Jboss, FTP, SAMBA, NFS,  DNS, DHCP, Mail Server, Proxy Server Squid, Security, SSL certification, server management on Linux and Solaris.  Load Balancing (HA Proxy, Heartbeat, Pen)  Load Testing Jmeter  MySql Master-Master Replication  Performance monitoring and system administration of High Availability cluster Unix/Linux servers on cross-platform hardware of Sun Sparc and x64 machines based on CLI tools, Syslog, SolarWinds NMS.  Managed High Availability clusters of Warid's CRM & Billing, ERP, EBiz and reporting database systems.  Managed frontend application servers of the production databases on Solaris/Linux systems.  Managed development and test machines for both production databases and frontend application servers.  Administration of multiple servers with unix services Sendmail, FTP, Samba, NFS, NTP, DNS.  Managed Backups through Symantec Netbackup for Oracle databases, filesystem backups, archivals and restores. OS Bare Metal Restore backups and restore.  Hardware/OS operations and maintenance of Oracle/ Sun Enterprise servers, Disk Arrays and backup tape libraries, IBM Power systems, Netezza appliances, HP NonStop server and Blade servers.  Oversight, management and supervision of Data Center operations and servers integration with Enterprise Data Networks.  Escalation and liaison of hardware, software application level issues with vendors.  Managed and maintained systems SOP and policies. Managed OLA and SLA with application owners.  High Availability cluster in VM vSphere 5.5 TTrraaiinniinnggss 2016 Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation & Configuration Ed 1 LVC 2014 Red Hat Certified System Administrator from Corvit 2014 Cisco Certified Network Administrator from Corvit 2014 Red Hat Certified Engineer from Corvit
  4. 4. RReesseeaarrcchh PPaappeerr 2014 ICMTSET (2nd International Conference on Modern Trends in Science Engineering and Technology 2014) Published in Discovery Magazine Title: GSM based e-ticketing system for revenue leakage control, vehicle parking & surveillance FFrreeee LLaannccee PPrroojjeeccttss Paint Website Tools: JQuery, PHP Hosting Website Tools: HTML, CSS, PHP AAcchhiieevveemmeenntt 2012 Winner in Software Project Competition in TechnoFest UET Lahore Project: AIMHIGH 2012 Runner Up in 3 Legged Race in UET Sports Festival 2012 Winner in Software Project Competition in UET Taxila Olympiad Project: AIMHIGH OOtthheerr AAccttiivviittiieess 2008-2012 Member of UET-ACM Student Chapter Organization (Worked as Head of Refreshment & Sponsorship Team) RReeffeerreennccee iiss aavvaaiillaabbllee oonn rreeqquueesstt