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  1. 1. Founder of walmart Sam Walton did not invent retailing, he simply changed the business model and way of doing business to make it a much more profitable venture. Walmart
  2. 2. "The secret of successful retailing is to give your customers what they want. And really, if you think about it from your point of view as a customer, you want everything: a wide assortment of good-quality merchandise; the lowest possible prices; guaranteed satisfaction with what you buy; friendly, knowledgeable service; convenient hours; free parking; a pleasant shopping experience." :- Sam Walton (1918-1992) Walmart
  3. 3. • Headquarter:Bentonville,Arkansas, United States. • CEO :- Michael J. Duke. Walmart
  4. 4. DETAIL INFORMATION OF WALMART Revenue US$ 446.950 billion (2012)[1] Operating income US$ 26.558 billion (2012)[1] Net income US$ 15.699 billion (2012)[1] Total assets US$ 193.406 billion (2012)[1] Total equity US$ 71.315 billion (2012)[1] Owner(s) Walton family Employees 2.2 million (2012)[1] Walmart
  5. 5. History • Sam's focus was on selling products at low prices to get higher-volume sales at a lower-profit margin. • Sales increased 45 percent in his first year of ownership to $105,000 in annual revenue, which increased to $140,000 the next year and $175,000 the year after that. Walmart
  6. 6. Incorporation  Incorporated as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. on October 31, 1969. The first stock split occurred in May 1971 at a market price of $47 Walmart opened its first Texas store in Mount Pleasant on November 11, 1975 In 2000, H. Lee Scott became President and CEO effect"mom and pop" stores. Walmart
  7. 7. Logo’s of Walmart
  8. 8.  Wal-Mart rules the Fortune 500 for the second year in a row .  The eighth time this decade -beating Exxon Mobil . Walmart
  9. 9. How can walmart control the global Enterprise. Walmart operations are organised into three divisions :• Walmart stores US • SAM’s club • Walmart international Walmart
  10. 10. Walmart stores US • $258 billion, or 63.8 percent of total sales for financial year 2010 Retail formats:Walmart Discount Stores Walmart Supercenter Walmart Market Walmart Express Walmart
  11. 11. Walmart Discount Stores:Stores with size from 51,000 square feet to 24,000 square feet In 1990, Walmart opened its first Bud's Discount City In March 2012, there were 629 Walmart discount stores in US Walmart Supercenter:Hypermarkets with size from 98,000 to 261,000 square feet The first Supercenter opened in 1988 In March 2012, there were 3,029 Wal-Mart Supercenters in US Walmart
  12. 12. Walmart Market:It is a chain of grocery stores that average about 42,000 square feet Its first store opened in 1998 In May 2012, there were 199 Walmart Markets. Walmart Express:Walmart Express is a smaller discount store Wal-Mart planned to build 15 to 20 Walmart Express stores, by the end of its fiscal year in January 2012. Walmart
  13. 13. Sam’s club • Sam's Club stores are "membership" stores and most customers buy annual memberships. • Their old slogan was “We're in Business for Small Business” which changed to "Savings Made Simple“ • Walmart also operates more than 100 international Sam's Clubs in Brazil, China, Mexico Walmart
  14. 14. Walmart International • Walmart's international comprise 4,263 stores and 660,000 workers in 15 countries outside the United States • the company is the largest private employer in the U.S. and Mexico, and one of the largest in Canada. • In the financial year 2010, Walmart's international division sales were $100 billion, or 24.7 percent of total sales. Walmart
  15. 15. Successful joint ventures Entered Mexico with a JV It started its international operations with its entry in Mexico in 1991. It formed a joint venture with Grupo Cifra SA de CV (Cifra), a well-established retail chain in Mexico. It fine-tune its strategies to suit the Mexican customer. Walmart
  16. 16. Entered India with a JV  2006 :- It formed a joint venture with Bharti Enterprises, Inc.  2009:- Wal-Mart started doing business in India for the first time.  Indian Wal-Mart is a wholesale business. Walmart
  17. 17. Entered in Japan:1990 :- Real estate prices in Japan declined. Prompting many foreign retailers to enter the country. Wal-Mart started exploring the Japanese market in 1997. Walmart
  18. 18. Corporate affairs Finance & governance:Walmart reported net income of $15.4 Walmart is governed by 15 members Notable former members include Hillary Clinton & Tom Coughlin Competition:In north america ,Walmart primary compitition include departmental stores like KMART, TARGET ,SHOPKO, MEIJER & many more… Walmart
  19. 19. Customer base:Analyst recently estimated that more than 1/5th of Walmart consumer lack bank account twice the national rate. Economic impact:It was found that some small towns can lose almost half of their retails trade within 10 years of Walmart store opening. Walmart
  20. 20. Employee & labour:There are more than 2.2 million employees working in Walmart. Criticism:Walmart has been subject to criticism by numerous group & individual. In 2005, labour union created a fake website to influence people against Walmart. Walmart
  21. 21. Walmart
  22. 22. Can Walmart adopt same strategies in other countries like U.S ? No. of Difficulties of Walmart :• Hire a large no. of employees • Demand of urban people • Appropriate pricing • Organization culture Walmart
  23. 23. Could competitors copy the inventory system of Walmart? • Walmart uses SMART inventory system , it keeps tracks of all the stock of Walmart and can automatically order the product which is out of stock. NO other companies cannot copy their system because Walmart had ordered that software specially for them and they patented them. Walmart
  24. 24. Current affairs on Walmart • 21st sep, 2012:Walmart plans India stores 'in two years’ • 28th feb,2013:Walmart ‘excited’ about FDI in retail • 6th march,2013:Walmart, Solar City Helping To Boost Ohio Solar Energy • 7th march,2013:Bharti walmart opens a store in Andhra Pradesh Walmart
  25. 25. Future planning of walmart •Wal-Mart is planning to open a new distribution centre in Mankato, in late 2015, creating about 300 jobs. •Global expansion is the mantra of Walmart for future. •Wal-Mart plans to hire 100,000 veterans over five years •Walmart is moving ahead with a plan to open hundreds of small-format stores. Walmart
  26. 26. Walmart
  27. 27. Strength:• Walmart is powerful retail plant • Walmart has grown substantially over recently year, and has experience global expansion • The company has a core competency involving its user of IT to support its international logistics system • A focus strategy in place for HRM and development Walmart
  28. 28. Weakness:• The corporate is huge but still has presence in 14 countries • Customers sometimes are curious about the quality of products • The market share is low outside the US market • Supplies profit margin is very low Walmart
  29. 29. Opportunity:• Take over , merge with , or form alliances with global retailers focusing on specific market such as Europe or China • Due to recession in 2008-09 the purchasing power of customers is reduce • Market development untapped market specially. Walmart
  30. 30. Threats:• Being leader it faces a lot of competition • Poor human relation • Effect on local retailers. Walmart
  31. 31. Awards and achievements • "Corporate Patriotism Award”, 2004, for supporting of U.S. service members and their families. Walmart
  32. 32. Contd… • “Top 25 Diversity Recruitment Programs" , 2002, to hire and promote Latinos. • Top Organizations for Multicultural Business – Walmart
  33. 33. Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand. Walmart
  34. 34. Walmart