Imf & world bank


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Imf & world bank

  1. 1. International Monetary Fund (IMF) & World Bank Presented By: Yogesh Chinchole Harander Kumar Pawan Kumar KhushalYadav
  2. 2. IMF- International Monetary Fund• IMF- International Monetary Fund: Its Purpose• History About IMF Formation: Since 1944• Roles Of IMF: – Tracks global economic trends and performance – Alerts its member countries – Provides a forum for policy dialogue – Provides policy advice and financing to members• Key IMF activities• Objectives: – To provide the global public good of financial stability – Facilitate the growth of international trade, thus promoting job creation, economic growth, and poverty reduction – Promote exchange rate stability and an open system of international payments – Lend countries foreign exchange when needed, on a temporary basis and under adequate safeguards, to help them address balance of payments problems
  3. 3. IMF- International Monetary Fund• An Adapting IMF• Execution Of Work By IMF External Relations Department – Surveillance, – Technical assistance and training, and Finance Department – Lending. Fiscal Affairs Department• Membership IMF Institute• Collaborating with other Organizations Legal Department• Organizations And Finances Monetary and Capital Markets – Management Department – Staff Of International Civil Servants Research Department Statistics Department Strategy, Policy, and Review Department IMF’s 9 Functional Departments
  4. 4. IMF- International Monetary Fund• QUOTAS – Quota reviews – Recent reforms – The Special Drawing Right (SDR)• GOLD Holdings – Gold and the international monetary system – Use of Gold in the IMF• Borrowing Agreements• Governance – Board of Governors – Ministerial Committees – The Executive Board – Governance Reform• Country Representation• Accountability• Ethics Office And Code Of Conduct
  5. 5. World Bank• World bank – The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans to developing countries for capital programs. The World Banks official goal is the reduction of poverty.• World Bank History• Objectives of World bank
  6. 6. World BankFunctions/Key Roles of World Bank:• Granting reconstruction & development loans• Providing loans to governments & private concerns• Promoting foreign investment• Providing technical, economic and monetary advice• Encouraging industrial developmentWorld bank group consists of five closely associated institutions:• International Bank of Reconstruction and development (IBRD)• International Development Association(IDA)• International Finance Corporation(IFC)• Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency(MIGA)• International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes World bank is basically consist of two of these IBRD & IDA .
  7. 7. Difference Between IMF & World Bank The International Monetary Fund World BankOversees the international monetary system Seeks to promote the economic development of the worlds poorer countriesPromotes exchange stability and orderly exchange Assists developing countries through long-termrelations among its member countries financing of development projects and programsAssists all members--both industrial and developing Provides to the poorest developing countries whose percountries--that find themselves in temporary balance capita GNP is less than $865 a year special financialof payments difficulties by providing short- to medium- assistance through the international developmentterm credits association (IDA)Draws its financial resources principally from the quota Acquires most of its financial resources by borrowing onsubscriptions of its member countries the international bond marketHas at its disposal fully paid-in quotas now totaling SDR Has an authorized capital of $184 billion, of which145 billion (about $215 billion) members pay in about 10 percentHas a staff of 2,300 drawn from 182 member countries Has a staff of 7,000 drawn from 180 member countries
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