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GenITeam specialize in developing mobile applications and games. Having developed over 300 applications, we position ourself as premier mobile development company.

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GenITeam Corporate mobile apps

  1. 1. Mobilizing Enterprise Applications July 17, 2013
  2. 2. Ready to go Mobile? - Princeton Review: World’s largest publishing house uses apps to enhance reach - oDesk: Leading market place for talent gets an App - SXSW: Largest US film festival uses mobile app to facilitate visitors - Dhingana: India’s biggest social music platform adopts mobile to respond to customers needs - Microjuris: Top fully-digital legal publishing and research firms in Latin America gets App to provide access on go Why not YOU? Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  3. 3. We helped them create mobile Apps; We can help you develop mobile Apps - GenITeam specialize in building enterprise applications for smart phones & tablets to enhance productivity and support mobile workforce - 300+ Apps developed on iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry since 2008 Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  4. 4. 70+ Resources 40 Application Developers 4 Test Engineers 10 User Experience Designers 6 Data Scientists 4 Project Managers 180+ Man years of experience in analysis, design, development and testing Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  5. 5. 100% Approval of our apps from Apple and Google 90% Customer Retention 75% Repeat Business 80% Support Agreements 100 % Customer satisfaction Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  6. 6. - Top 100 Asian Companies by Red Herring 2012 - Winner of PACHA-ICT Award, 2011 - Finalist in MIT-EFP Business plan competition 2009 - 7th in Global Android Developer Challenge 2009 - Recipient of PASHA awards 2010 for Mobile Development - 3 Featured Applications, 12 Top Free Applications, 7 top grossing application on App Store , in 2010 - Featured by Sony Ericson during Mobile Web Conference, 2010 Web2.0 Mobile2.0 & Awards and Recognitions
  7. 7. Our Approach Web2.0 Mobile2.0 & Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  8. 8. - Bench Prep - SXSW - oDesk - iCarpool - Microjuris - Demibooks - Vook - …….. And many more Case Studies Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  9. 9. A better way to prepare - Assisted in end to end product development - Profiled by Apple as best in education category in 2009 - Successfully raised series A investment by Groupon founder - Wins Chicago business plan competition, covered in Wall Street Journal, and TechCrunch Web2.0 Mobile2.0 & Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  10. 10. Music, Film and Entertainment - SXSW is leading festival for music , film and technology launch in US - SXSW provided fun interactive way to view all events at conference - The iPhone application received rave reviews by attendants - Delivering quality product on tough deadlines by working round clock Web2.0 Mobile2.0 & Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  11. 11. World Leader Market Place for Talent - Allows to monitor work stream of team members on the Go - Enhanced collaboration between team members - Winner of Techcrunch50 Demo Pit - Profiled in Red Herring, CNET and Techcrunch Web2.0 Mobile2.0 & Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  12. 12. Fastest Growing Car Pooling Network - Recognized as best traffic solution in the Global Competition in the ITS congestion Challenge - Designed to reach millions of customers worldwide and in scale up rapidly - Largest deployment in ride matching space to serve Washington, Oregon and Idaho - Find great car pool matches on the go based on your geo location Web2.0 Mobile2.0 & Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  13. 13. Valued Customers Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  14. 14. Scale Mobile App in Cloud - We help in deploying mobile solutions in cloud for rapid scalability - 10 successful deployments in cloud - Expertise in managing apps on the following platforms; -Amazon Cloud – EC2 -Rackspace Cloud Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  15. 15. We really understand Mobile Apps - We have domain expertise; help us build your applications faster, better and hence cheaper - We understand segmentation and knows how to build cross platform applications - We understand consumers and how to build top notch products Contact to have experts help you build your application Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &