Social media and what is social media


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This presentation will give you about what is social media and how to use social media in our business and how we earn mony through scocial media

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Social media and what is social media

  1. 1. PresentationM essoci l mm ediaaSocial Media MarketingGuess what?
  2. 2.
  3. 3. What is social media marketingWhat is in your mind to see this pictureAbsolutely social media marketing is our sales manHow ?
  4. 4. How social media marketing is oursales man• Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or agrowing professional, social media should be onyour radar. Social media has the potential tohelp your company identify what your customersare saying about your products or services andenable you to build your own personal brand asa working How social media marketing is oursales man professional.
  5. 5. How we create a business in socialmedia• Marketing :What are customers sayingabout your products and services? Is itgood or bad?• Improve your messaging strategy basedon real-time feedback of what customersare saying.• Trump the competition by understandingtheir customers’ needs and improving yourproduct offerings.
  6. 6. • Sales: Are there signs of interest in particularproducts or services that your industry hasn’tbeen able to fulfill?• Listening to what customers want can lead toyour next innovative product or big deal.
  7. 7. • Customer Service:• Manage customer complaints and improvecommunication channels to disgruntledcustomers.• Ensure customers that you are listening to theirchallenges and needs.• Engage with your customers to encourageloyalty• Slide 7
  8. 8. How to Promote a Product UsingSocial Networking Sites• Put together a YouTube video. People watchbillions of YouTube videos every day. Make avideo or a slideshow about your product that willserve as an advertisement that can potentially goviral, which means it gets forwarded and viewedby many different people.• Encourage others to post videos of themselvesusing or benefiting from your product. Manycompanies hold contests or give away freeproducts in exchange for submitting videos.
  9. 9. :At a high level, Radian6 can recognize how manypeople are talking about certain products and whethercomments are posting positive or negative. Executivescan collect and analyze the data points provided byRadian6 to understand what impact the comments arehaving on the company’s brand, and use that insight tomake better business decisions.• Take the airline industry for example. As a consultantwho spends a lot of time 35,000 feet in the air, I highlyvalue quality customer service during weather delaysand flight disruptions. With the power ofRadian6, airline industries are able to listen closely tothe voices of their customers during these stressfultimes and create an improved level of customerengagement. Eric Bridges think of the how UnitedAirlines could have increased customer loyalty andengagement if it had been listening to its customersmore closely. http://www.ghanalive.tvh/
  10. 10. • Join other social networking communities thatare relevant to your product: Explore placessuch as Tumbler, Pinterest and Google Plus. Bestrategic about where you promote your product.Make sure your customers or potential customersare on those sites.• Get demographic data and other statistics on whouses social networking sites. There are a variety ofdata mining companies who can do this researchfor you and give you specifics. You can also do theresearch yourself by conducting Internet searcheswhich will give you general information.• Ask your customers where they like to go online.Take a poll on your Facebook page or ask forcomments on your blog. This will lead you to ideas.
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