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Comaprative Study between Abbott and Roche


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Comparative Study between Abbott and Roche pharmaceuticals in Pakistani market.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Comaprative Study between Abbott and Roche

  1. 1. A Comparative Study Abbott and Roche Presented to: Mr. Amin Rajani
  2. 2. Group Members Khurram Shakeel Khuwaja Saad-ur-Rehman M. Noman Baig M. Umer Siddiqui Syed M. Adnan Jawed
  3. 3. Introduction • Pharmacy is a very sensitive section with respect to other sections and still it is a growing industry • Pakistan's USD 1.64 billion pharmaceutical market is the 10th largest in Asia Pacific • Companies like Abbott and Roche are playing an essential role in the economic development of the world and are giving back to society in the shape of innovative products
  4. 4. Profile • Part of the global healthcare corporation of Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, USA • Global, broad-based health care company devoted to discovering new ways to manage health • Products span the continuum of care, from nutritional products and laboratory diagnostics through medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies • Part of the International F. Hoffmann-La Roche Group that was founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland • One of the world's leading research-based company known for many innovative offerings to medicine • Covers both Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics
  5. 5. Mission Deliver consistently superior products and services which contributes significantly to improve the quality of life of the consumers. This will be achieved by ensuring that interests of all stakeholders including healthcare providers, employees, shareholders, and the communities, are secured. Contribute to business success by enabling an environment in which every employee feels valued and respected is able to grow to his or her full potential and can make their mark to improve patients lives.
  6. 6. Values • Pioneering • Integrity • Achieving • Courage • Caring • Passion • Enduring
  7. 7. Structure • Single Unity of Command • Vertical Hierarchy • Vertical Hierarchy • Unity of command • Line Management • Limited Reporting
  8. 8. Diversity • Diverse workforce • Multicultural workforce • Learning Organization • No cultural or ethnic clash • Strongly condemn Grapevine talks • Warning issued in contradiction of Grapevine talks
  9. 9. Guidelines • Employee focused policies • Attention towards employees • Standard compensation • Industry based remuneration • Abundance of skill labor • Develop employees at all levels • Leadership style is highly supportive and directive • Leadership style is highly supportive but low directive • Compliance with government rules and regulations • Conformity to standard rules and regulations
  10. 10. HR Policies • Focused on individual skills and capabilities • Focus on professional marketing skills • Transparent appraisal system • Appraising through Rating Scale method • No exit interviews • Job rotation exists and Graphic • Exit interviews are conducted • Practiced job rotation
  11. 11. Practices • Keen about ethical behavior • Grooming workers through several training platforms • Stress Management programs • Employee Counseling • Effective communication • Standard code of conduct for all employees • Flexi-time exists • Top to Bottom communication process • Management Counseling for all employees
  12. 12. Employee Engagement • Involvement in decision making • Contribution in decision making • Workshops for employees • Training opportunities for career development • Highly motivated employees • Treat as a part of family • Strong employee commitment • Innovations are recognized
  13. 13. Organization Management • Quality management • Smooth running of affairs • Focus on teamwork • Group commitment • Employee counseling • Employee focus • Possess network • Alignment of individual and organizational goals intra-organizational
  14. 14. Judging Behaviors • Few absenteeism but turnovers are there • Low turnover and absenteeism • Coaching new-comers • Disclosure of salary is prohibited • Disclosure of salary is not appreciated • No political influence • Helping colleagues • Minimal political influence • Desired emotions when dealing with customers • Self-controlled emotions • Employee-Organization fit • Employee-Organization fit
  15. 15. Assessment • Provides equal opportunities to its employees • Proceed selective opportunities • Automation process for opinion • Intra-organizational hiring • Hire people on merit basis • Lies within comfort zone • Polishes new talent by several training campaigns • Exercise exit interviews and feedback • Does not take exit interviews • Female ratio slightly follow • Female proportion is negligible • Practiced manual feedback
  16. 16. Recommendations • Increase their R&D department • Flexi-time must be exercised • Initiate awareness program focusing in rural areas • Requisite campaign aggressive CSR • Trace reasons behind employee turnover • Should modify procedure their hiring • Needs to re-establish their local manufacturing plant • CSR operations needs to be revised • Astute marketing policy
  17. 17. Final Words • Purpose of our project is not just to categorize and pass judgment but to seek inspiration • Common theme we observed that success is not achieved over-night • All it requires continuous exceptional efforts and determination along with creativity and imagination