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Khumo Seema - social media Fundamentals


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Khumo Seema - social media Fundamentals

  1. 1. Social Media Fundamentals: Facebook &Twitter
  2. 2. Meet Khumo My Name is Khumo Seema, I am a young, upcoming digital media wiz who is offering a fresh perspective on the industry. Contact me here: Email: Mobile: 081 788 1185 Linked In: Khumo Seema Facebook: Treasure Khumo Seema Twitter: @khumo_za
  3. 3. What is social media? • Creating interactive moments with customers to achieve defined goals such as to drive traffic to sites or drive brand awareness • Founded on the idea of using your customers as a marketing vessel when they share, repost/re-tweet and repost your content.
  4. 4. What is social media? • The viral effect of retweets and shares is what makes social media such an effective tool • This is regarded as ‘oraganic’ social media marketing
  5. 5. The Value of social media marketing • Helps you engage the customer • Helps get an idea of the behavioural patterns of your audiences • Helps your brand gain credibility • Gives you access your customers friends/family
  6. 6. Setting goal and objective • Before doing anything in social media it is absolutely imperative that you have clearly defined objectives. If you don’t know why you’re on social media, it will be difficult to ascertain if your social media strategy is actually effective and how to improve it.
  7. 7. The difference between Facebook and Twitter Twitter •20% of the internet population •Most popular with 18-29 years olds •Great for brief, rapid communication •Strong mobile saturation •Content has short life-span, about 3 hours for each tweet •Conversations are real-time
  8. 8. The difference between Facebook and Twitter Facebook •Content lives on for several days, so it has a longer life span than twitter •Conversations are ongoing
  9. 9. Zone In: Twitter Definitions: •Mention- Tweet that contains another user’s @username anywhere in the body of the Tweet •Reply- Response to another user's Tweet that begins with the @username of the person you're replying to
  10. 10. Zone In: Twitter • Retweet: a re-posting of someone else's Tweet • Hash-tag: the # symbol used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.
  11. 11. Zone In: Twitter Key success factors: •Tweet quality: - Must post engaging content, bear mind that twitter has a short life span, so keep it short and relevant to the audience!
  12. 12. Zone In: Twitter Key success factors: •Tweet frequency: - Try and post an average of 3-6 tweets a day - Don’t be repetitive in your content. - Post tweets that gives some useful information to your customer.
  13. 13. Zone In: Twitter Twitter Automation Tools
  14. 14. Zone In: Facebook Definitions: •Page - allow businesses, brands and organizations to connect with people on Facebook •Newsfeed - an ongoing list of updates on your homepage that shows you what's new with the friends and Pages you follow
  15. 15. Zone In: Facebook • Like - Clicking Like is a way to give positive feedback and connect with things you care about • Event - feature that lets you organize gatherings, respond to invites and keep up with what your friends are doing
  16. 16. Zone In: Facebook Key success factors: •Post lively, informative and interactive content •Try to include an interactive image on at least 80% of your post, social media users are more likely to engage with posts that have pictures than those without •Facebook has a new uber-cool GIF feature with allows you to create videos and post them on your timeline
  17. 17. Zone In: Facebook Facebook’s Insights Panel: Facebook has a very comprehensive analytics tool which is built-into the interface available to their users that have or manage Facebook pages. This tool can really help you gather very valuable information about your customers and their behavioural patterns.
  18. 18. Thank You Very Much!!!