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  1. 1. My Recipe BookKhululwambalo
  2. 2. Mince pie2 half cake flourPinch salt150ml butter1jar fruit mince1 cup milkIcing sugarMethodsPastrySift flour and salt in mixing bowlRub butter and flour together to form crustAdd enough cold water to create a firm dough ballWrap in cling for about an hour to coolHalf dough and roll one half as thin as possible and cut into 7 cm roundsScraps and roll with remaining pastryCut out star shapes using a cookie cutterLightly grease 12 cups muffin thin and line larger discs of pastryFill pastry with fruit mince and top with star shaped pastry cutoutsBrush pastry with milkBake near the top of the oven for 20 -30 min or until lightly brownCool and serve with icing or castor sugar
  3. 3. Jacket potato with kiri and bacon4 big potatoes4 portions of kiri cheese4 portions of bacon1 g chives for ganishMethodBoil potatoesFry baconCut potatoes on topPlace kiri cheesePlace baconGarnish with chives for aroma
  4. 4. Fruity roasted chickenIngredientsFull chickenSpoon harisa pasteCup orange juiceCup lemon juice2 orangesHalf cup white wineThyme
  5. 5. Lamb kebabs500g minced meat3tbsp balsamic vinegar30ml lemon juice2-3 garlic cloves crushed60ml mint chopped3tbsp oreganumPinch of salt and pepper6-8 bamboo skewer soaked in cold water for 20 minServed with tzatzikiMethodMix mince ,vinegar, lemon juice ,peeled garlic ,mint ,origanum and seasoning togetherShape mince onto skewers and grill in a hot pan until cooked through serve with toastedpizza bread and tzatziki
  6. 6. Prawn and chicken noodle salad300g noodles3tbsp olive oil1 pocket spring onion1 garlic crushed1 chili chopped400g chicken breasts fillet finely sliced3 limes2tsbp ginger2tbsp fish source3ml sugar6-8 prawns1 carrot peeled and julienned60ml mint60ml basil30ml coriander80g baby spinach250ml julienned cucumber1 pawpaw slicedMethodSoak noodles in warm water for 20-30 min drain and set asideHeat olive oil sauté spring onion garlic and chili for a minuteAdd chicken and fry for 3-4 minAdd half of lime juice ginger fish source and sugar cook for a minuteAdd prawn ,carrots and toss for about an two minutesToss noodles ,chicken ,prawn mixture,spinach,cucumber and pawpaw together .poor over adressing and serve
  7. 7. Potato and bean salad250g baby potatoes cooked200g white beans drained150g fine green beans1 bunch spring onion2tbsp olive oil250g bacon chopped2 garlic choppedFor dressing60ml white balsamic vinegar80ml olive oil60ml chopped parsley and dillPinch of salt and pepperMethodCook potatoes until tender cool and halveFry potato beans and spring onion togetherHeat oil in a pan and fry baconAdd potato and tossWhisk a vinegar and oil together until slightly thickenedAdd herbs and mix well
  8. 8. Pineapple and ginger smooth125 low fat yoghurt1fresh pineapple, cut into chunks1 small knob ginger, coarsely chopped3-4 tbsp. sugarMint for garnishMethodCombine all the ingredients in a blenderProcess until smooth and creamyPour into a glass and top with mint
  9. 9. Egg and cheese salad500g mixed lettuce leaves3 boiled eggs1 gouda cheese1 mozzarella cheese2 blocks feta cheese250g asparagus pre cookedMethodPeal eggs and cut them in halfCut cheese into cubes
  10. 10. Lamb, butternut and broccoli florets 1kg lamb chops 500g broccoli 500g butternut 2tbsp butter 1garlic 5g pine nuts 200g fresh cream 1tsp mustardMethod Melt butter with rosemary and olive oil until hot Fry a lamb in the butter and olive oil Transfer to a roasting pan Roast a lamb at 180 degree c until cooked Blanch broccoli and butternut until cooked Put butternut mash and broccoli place lamb on top drizzle with rosemary sauce Then serve
  11. 11. Avocado and calamari 1tbsp olive oil 1-2 cloves garlic crushed 300g-400g calamari rings Shrimp Salt pepper 1 lemon 2 avocadoFor source 60ml mayonnaise 60ml fat free yoghurt 10ml tomato source or cayenne pepper Method Heat the oil Add garlic and calamari Fry until cooked season well Mix yoghurt and mayonnaise Cut avocado in halves Fill avocado with calamari Pour sauce over and serve
  12. 12. melba and cinnamon flapjacks1cup cake flour1tbsp baking powder2tbsp castor sugar1 egg300ml milk1tbsp butter1 tbsp. brown sugar4 apple peeled cored and thickly slicedMethodSieve flour and baking powder and castor sugar into a mixing bowlLightly beat egg and milk together and add sifted ingredientsMix well and set aside for 30minMelt in a pan and stir in sugar and cinnamonCook until syrup reaches a fairly thick consistencyToss in apple slices and cook over a low heat until apples are tenderMelt remaining butter in a panDrop in spoonful of batterWhen little holes develop on the surface turn and cook flat jackServe flat jack with cooked apples and drizzled with syrup and ice cream
  13. 13. Spice chicken wings 80ml chutney 80ml Worcestershire sauce 80mltomato source 8-10 chicken wingsMethods Preheat oven to 200 Mix all ingredients together ,except chicken wings Pour sauce over chicken wings ,toss to combine and place on line baking tray Roast for 20-30 minutes or until cooked through Serve with lemon wedges
  14. 14. Cinnamon custard treatsPasty 200ml flour 200ml butter 1 half cup lark warm water 1 egg for brushingCustard Filling 625 ml milk 60ml sugar 45ml custard powder Corn flour 1 cinnamon stick 30ml butter Pinch of saltMethod for custard filling Mix a little cold milk with sugar ,custard power and corn flour to form a paste Heat milk ,cinnamon and butter Remove from the heat and infuse for 30 minuets Add paste to milk and cook stirring until ,until thickened Add salt and vanilla almond essences collFor pastry Pre heat oven to 220 Roll pastry out to 3mm Cut into 6cm square Brush with egg and bake Split pastries Place a tablespoon of filling on bottom half and top with other half sandwich –style
  15. 15. Spiced Savoury rice60ml olive oil2 onion chopped10ml ground cinnamon15ml coriander30ml cumin5ml ground garlic4 cups cooked brown rice125 ml parsley80ml chopped mint100ml raisins and hot water100ml dried Turkish apricots salt and milled pepperMethodHeat oil in large panSauté onion ,cumin ,coriander, cinnamon and cloves together until goldenAdd rice ,parsley ,mint lemon ,raisins and apricot and seasoning to panStir to heat and the serve
  16. 16. Mustard and orange roasted vegies 80ml whole grain mustard 80ml olive oil Juice about cup orange juice Add salt and pepper 45ml rosemary 30ml honey 500g baby carrots peeled 500g baby potatoes 200g butternut dicedMethod Preheat the oven 200 Whisk mustard oil orange juice and peel seasoning ,rosemary, honey and cider together Place carrots ,baby potato, and butternut in a roasting pan and toss through mustard mixture Roast for 35-45 minutes or until cooked through and golden brown
  17. 17. Steamed veggies with warm butter 1 packet broccoli florets 1packet green beans 1 packet baby marrow 1 cup frozen peas Olive oil 1 onion finely chopped 3tbsp balsamic vinegar 3tbsp butter Salt and pepper BasilMethod Steam vegetables until cooked through but still crunchy set aside Heat oil in a saucepan and sauté onion until golden Add butter ,vinegar and cook for a minute Add steamed vegetables toss to heat through and add basil Serve topped with parmesan shavings
  18. 18. Crumbed French rack of lamb2 racks young lamb2 chops per personLemon juice80ml Dijon mustard375ml bread crumbs15ml rosemary, salt and pepperOlive oilMethodPlace lamb fat side on the pan for couple of minutesRemove from the panPour lemon juice over lamb to coatRub and coat meat with Colman’s Dijon mustardMix breadcrumbs ,rosemary and seasoning togetherCoat lamb fat with crumb mixture and place in a roasting panRoast for 10 -20 minutesServe with veggies
  19. 19. Mushroom soupIngredients2onions60g butter2cloves garlic crushed500g small or medium mushrooms, chopped30g plain (all purpose) flour560ml milk375ml beef stock20gchopped parsleySour cream for servingMethodMelt butter in a large pan, add onion and garlic. Stir over medium heat for 3 minutes oruntil onion is soft. Add chopped mushrooms to pan ,stir for 5minutes add flour and stirfor another minuteAdd milk and stock to pan stir until combined. Bring to boil reduce heat to low simmeruncovered for 15minutes or until mixture has reduced and thickened and mushroomstender stir in parsley serve with a dollop of sour creamStorage time: this recipe can be made up to 3 days before required store covered inrefrigerator
  20. 20. Potato pancakes with smoked salmonIngredients11oz/300g floury potatoes such as king Edward unpeeledSalt and black pepper2/3 cup whole milk1 large egg3tbsp plain flour4 shallots finely sliced½ cup crème fraiche2tbsp chopped fresh dill plus extra to garnish5oz /150g smoked salmon slicesLemon wedges to serve1 tbsp. oilMethodCook the potatoes in boiling salted water for 15-20minutes until tender then drainCool for few minutes then peelMash with the milk season then beat in the egg flour and shallots to make it betterHeat a heavy based non-stick frying pan thenadd a little of the oil make 4 potatoes cakes using 2 tbsp. of butter for each fry for 2-3minutes on each side until golden,drain on a paper towels and keep warm while you make 2 further batches of 4 potatoesMix together the crème fraiche and chopped dill ,serve the pancakes topped with thesalmon slices and a spoonful of the herbed crème fraiche ,dust with ground blackpepper garnish with a dill and the lemon wedges
  21. 21. Pumpkin and cumin soupIngredients 1kg (2 1b 4 oz) pumpkin 500ml (2cups) chicken stock 1 onion chopped 2 cloves garlic crushed 2 tablespoon ground cumin 80ml (1/3 cup) coconut milk 1 tablespoon lemon juiceMethodPeel pumpkin and chop into small chunksCombine pumpkin in a large pan with 250ml (1 cup) water,stock ,onion ,garlic and cuminBring to the boil reduce heat to low and simmer, covered for 15minutes or untilpumpkin is tenderTransfer mixture in batches to food processor or blender and process each batch untilsmoothReturn mixture to panAdd coconut milk and lemon juice to panStir over medium heat until heated throughGarnish with chopped chives if desiredHint : pumpkin can be cut into chunks, brushed with oil and baked in the oven until soft.Scoop the flesh from skin and process with simmered ingredients as above
  22. 22. Caprese Bruschetta whole wheat baguette 3 tomatoes, diced 1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese, diced (this is FRESH mozzarella…different than regular mozarella you buy in a block. It is softer and usually sold in a ball in the cheese section of the deli) 1/4 cup fresh basil, chopped 1 clove of garlic sea salt and freshly cracked pepper, to taste 2 tsp white balsamic vinegar 1 tsp olive oil method Drizzle some olive oil in a skillet and place sliced bread in the pan. Cook for 1-2 minutes until the bottom is a nice golden color. Flip and repeat on the other side. Remove bread from the skillet and place on a platter. Mix the diced tomatoes, chopped basil, and diced mozzarella together in a bowl; Add the minced garlic, sea salt and freshly cracked pepper, to taste, white balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. Mix until evenly combined. Place spoonful of the caprese salad on each slice of baguette. Serve immediately. Enjoy.The Mr.: brown loves this tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella together. He ate about 5 slices.
  23. 23. bobotie1 kg minced lamb125ml milk1 thick slice of white bread, crust removed and soaked in milk2 roughly chopped onions butterSalt1 tablespoon of curry powder1 chili, finely chopped½ cup vinegar1 tablespoon of lemon juice1 teaspoon of brown sugar1 tablespoon of chutney8 -10 crushed almonds (optional)3 eggs1 clove of garlic, crushed and finely chopped6 bay leaves1 orange, sliced in wheels1 lemon, sliced in wheelsOil for cookingmethod Heat the oil in frying pan and add the garlic, onion and curry power. Cook over medium heat for three minutes, then add the mince meat. Fry until the meat is almost done, then using your hands, squeeze the milk from the bread. Discard the milk and add the bread, vinegar, lemon juice, sugar and chutney to the mince. Fry for a minute or so and then remove from heat. Take a pie dish and place three bay leaves, two wheels of orange and two wheels of lemon at the bottom. Now scoop the mince mixture into the dish. Decorate the sides of the dish with the rest of the lemon and orange wheels, wedging them between the mince and the sides of the dish so that only a third protrudes. If you are using almonds, push them into the mince. Beat the eggs and 125ml milk, and pour over the meat. Put three bay leaves on top of dish. Place the dish uncovered in the oven and cook for about 30 minutes at 160 deg Celsius. Serve with a plain green salad or chopped tomato and onion, sprinkled with a
  24. 24. little vinegar. Make sure you have some chutney near at hand. Serve piping hotwith the yellow rice.
  25. 25. Smoked snoek 250g smoked Snoek 250g cream cheese 15ml lemon juice Pinch of Ginger powder 15ml tomato paste 2.5 ml sugar Black pepper Half a small chopped onion 125ml of fresh creammethod Remove all skin and bones and flake the fish. Blend all ingredients except the cream in a food processor. Whip the cream and fold into the mixture. Press into a mold of your choice. Gives between 8 and 10 servings. This should keep for about a week in the fridge. We do not recommend that you freeze it.
  26. 26. Curried Carrot Salad recipe2 kg carrots1 kg onions1 litre white vinegar800 g sugar150 g seedless raisins15 ml salt5 ml whole cloves5 ml black peppercorns50 ml corn flour50 ml curry powder Peel the carrots and slice thinly. Cover the slices with water and boil till just soft. Peel and halve the onions. Slice thinly. Cover the onions with boiling water and leave to stand for 15 minutes. Drain the carrots and onions. Add the white vinegar, sugar, raisins, salt, cloves and black peppercorns to the vegetables and bring to the boil. Mix the corn flour and curry powder with 250 ml (1 c) water. Add the curry mixture to the carrot mixture and boil for about 10 minutes. Stir occasionally. Spoon the hot curried carrots into clean hot jars and seal immediately.
  27. 27. Vegetable Soup recipe180 g soup mix of lentils, oats, barley and peas4 litters water4 pieces shin with marrow2 large carrots2 large potatoes1 large potatoes1 large onion 410g whole peeled tomatoes100g chopped celery100g broken spaghetti25 ml salt20 ml Worcestershire sauce1 ml curry powderpinch of pepperfinely chopped parsleymethod Soak the soup mix in the water for an hour . Add the soup meat and cook it until tender. Spoon out the meat. Peel the carrots and grate coarsely. Peel and halve the potatoes. Peel and chop the onion. Cut the tomatoes. Add the carrots, potatoes, onions, tomatoes with their juice and the celery to the soup mix and boil until the potatoes are soft. Remove the potatoes from the soap and add the spaghetti, salt. Worcestershire sauce, curry powder and pepper. Boil until the spaghetti is done. Mash the potatoes. Cut up the soup meat and add, together with the mashed potatoes, to the soup. Boil till it is well blended. Sprinkle the soup with a little parsley and serve