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Sec 1

  1. 1. • Mudslinging• Trail of Tears• Revenue tariff• Protective tariff• Nullification• Canal• Factory System
  2. 2. Election of 1816• James Monroe elected president• Served 2 terms
  3. 3. Adams-Onis Treaty• Florida was a place for smugglers• US bought Florida from Spain for $5 million• Drew southern boundary of the US
  4. 4. Monroe Doctrine• American foreign policy• Told the Europeans not to meddle and we wouldn’t either
  5. 5. Missouri Compromise• Missouri wants to join US as a slave state• Luckily, Maine wanted to join as free state• Henry Clay wrote it• No slavery above the Missouri border
  6. 6. Henry Clay
  7. 7. Election of 1824• John Quincy Adams vs. Andrew Jackson• Jackson won most votes, but not enough• House chose Adams with help from Henry Clay• Adams then named Clay Secretary of State• Called it the “corrupt bargain”
  8. 8. Adams vs. Jackson
  9. 9. Henry Clay
  10. 10. Election of 1828• First campaign with mass campaigning and mudslinging• Mudslinging – making malicious statement about opponents• Jackson won and served two terms
  11. 11. Spoils System• Jackson used it• Handing out government jobs to loyal followers
  12. 12. Indian Removal Act• Goal was to remove the Indians off the land that the whites wanted• Trail of Tears – Removal of Cherokee Indians to Indian territory
  13. 13. Compromise of 1833• Revenue Tariff – tariff designed to raise money• Protective tariff – protected American business from foreign competition• Government passes a higher tariff
  14. 14. • Vice-president Calhoun believed in nullification and resigned as vice-president• Nullification – state could declare a law unconstitutional• South Carolina nullified the law and asked for help from other states• No one came to help
  15. 15. Compromise: lower tariff gradually so industryhad time to protect themselves