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  • People wanted him to serve more, but he refused!He was not power hungryHe died 2 years after being president...only president to have state named after him, 70 other places named after him
  • He died 2 years after being president...only president to have state named after him, 70 other places named after him – most for any other individualImage appears on currency, postage stamps and other national symbols
  • On inuagration day, Abigail Adams didn’t come because she was afraid of public criticism…hard to follow Washington
  • Seized more than 300 American sailors and threatened to hang them
  • Called for a navy and built 40 ships…the most famous was the USS ConstitutionTripled size of armyWashington was called to command the army
  • Federalists claimed it would help protect the Americans during the threat of warMost immigrants joined the Republican party
  • The ballots did not state which man was running for president and which was running for vice president. Every elector gets two votes…Had to have 35 ballots to see who was winner
  • Ch 8 sec 3

    1. 1. New Presidency
    2. 2. Washington steps down • Washington only served two terms • His Farewell Address: – Don’t have political parties – Don’t make political ties with other countries – Stay out of debt
    3. 3. Election of 1796 • Republicans – Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr • Federalists – Thomas Pinckney and John Adams
    4. 4. Who Won? • John Adams was president • Thomas Jefferson was vice-president
    5. 5. XYZ Affair • French were raiding American ships • Adams sent men to talk to the French foreign minister to avoid war • After nine months of waiting to see him, they said a bribe would help the Americans get to see him • The French wanted $250,000 and $10 million loan
    6. 6. • Americans were outraged! • Adams told Congress about it, but used X, Y, Z in place of the names of French who wanted the bribe.
    7. 7. • Americans got ready for war • Went to “Quasi War” with the French • The Convention of 1800 avoided all out war with the French
    8. 8. Alien and Sedition Acts • Four parts – 1. Naturalization Act – extended the time required to gain American citizenship from 5 to 14 years – 2. Alien Enemies Act and Alien Act – allowed the president to imprison or expel any “dangerous” foreigners – 4. Sedition Act – any person who said, wrote or published anything false against the government could be fined and jailed
    9. 9. Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions • Said that states had a right to nullify any federal law
    10. 10. Election of 1800 • Federalists – Adams and Pinckney • Republicans – Jefferson and Burr • Jefferson and Burr tied…who gets to be president? • Jefferson wins
    11. 11. Supreme Court • John Marshal was appointed chief justice of the Supreme Court • He worked to make the Supreme Court more powerful
    12. 12. • John Adams appointed 58 judges late the night before he left office • They are called midnight judges