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  • There were stories of sea monsters, deadly heat at the equator and violent stormsLearned new methods and instruments
  • Rounded the tip of Africa without his realizing it in the middle of a bad storm
  • Landed on southwest coast of India
  • Used heavily armed Portuguese ships…to get around Muslim blocks…Their trade with China eakened the Muslim and Italian monopolies on Chinese goods
  • Left in August and landed in October
  • Encountered the Pacific Ocean for the first time…called it Pacific which is Latin for “peace”, because it was so calm
  • Wrote a book explaining his voyageWas called the “Dragon” because he attacked and stole the treasures of many Spanish ships with the blessing of Queen Elizabeth
  • Montezuma showed him the Aztec great wealthCortes convinced him that the Spanish king was Quetzalcoatl and demanded that they submit to him and they didMontezuma urged the Aztecs to submit, and the Aztecs killed himHe destroyed Technochtitlan and build Mexico City over it…Over a temple, he built a Roman Catholic cathedral
  • Built using the stones of the Aztec temple
  • Worked his way in the jungle for 6 months and attacked villages along the way13,000 pounds gold and 26,000 pounds silverGroup of Spaniards stormed Pizarro’s palace and brutally killed him
  • Ch 7 sec 3

    1. 1. Growth of European Exploration
    2. 2. Why Spain and Portugal?• Both had shipbuilding and navigation experience• Had strong crusading spirit• Wanted to convert Indians to Roman Catholicism
    3. 3. Portugal• Decided to sail SOUTH to reach the east
    4. 4. • Prince Henry the Navigator – Set up a school to train sailors
    5. 5. • Bartolomeu Dias – Proved they could reach the East by sailing around Africa.
    6. 6. • Vasco de Gama – Rounded the Cape of Good Hope and sailed up the east coast of Africa – Had trouble selling his goods to the Indians – Finally able to buy spices – Able to finance 60 more voyages!!
    7. 7. • Portugal was fist Europeans to come in contact with China• Resulted in great wealth
    8. 8. • Francis Xavier – Missionary who worked in Japan to convert people to Roman Catholicism
    9. 9. Spain• Decided to sail WEST to reach the east
    10. 10. Christopher Columbus• Portugal wouldn’t finance him• Went to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain• Landed in the Caribbean islands, not India
    11. 11. Ferdinand Magellan• Sailed around the world• He died in the Philippines• His crew finished the voyage in three years
    12. 12. England• Sir Francis Drake – Sailed around the world
    13. 13. Conquistadors• Spanish Conquerors. Sent to find gold and conquer the people
    14. 14. Hernando Cortes• Came in contact with the Aztecs• Montezuma was their leader• They believed that the Spanish King was Quetzalcoatl• Cortes eventually massacred most of the Aztecs
    15. 15. Cortes
    16. 16. Montezuma
    17. 17. Francisco Pizarro• Encountered the Incas• He took the Inca (king), Atahualpa captive• Inca delivered gold and silver for his release• Pizarro killed him anyway
    18. 18. Pizarro
    19. 19. Atahualpa